Banana Buns (Inspired by Jai & Bee’s Chelsea buns) – JFI Banana

Amma gave me so many recipes using raw bananas, the stem and flower. But wanted to try something different. By recent baking spree headed up and my thoughts were towards baking something with banana. Thanks for Jai nad Bee for their “chelsea bun recipe“. Got inspired by the taste of those delicious buns and made these with bananas. I made the basic dough with that recipe and added sliced banana’s and voila it turned to be a fabulous bun. I did not want to post the recipe before tasting them and if it is not good I would go for amma’s recipes. Thats waht I was thinking before I had one. Today did not have much time to have breakfast and was carrying these buns along with the second batch of Chelsea buns for my brother for work. On the way to work I tasted one of the banana buns and it simply went inside within less than a minute. They were really good. Luckily I clicked few pics before and after baking which I can post now! Here comes the recipe.

For Basic dough – I followed the chelsea bun recipe for the bun dough.(Halfed the contents to make 4 buns)
All purpose flour – 2 1/4 cups
Active Dry Yeast – 1 tea spoon
Salt – 1/8 tea spoon (3 pinches)
Butter – 1 table spoon nad 1 tea spoon
Milk – 1/2 cup (warm)
Sugar – 1/4 cup

For the filling:
Domerara sugar – 4 tea spoons
Cinnamon powder – 4 pinch
Firm ripe bananas sliced into 1/4 discs – 12  pieces

How to make it?
Make the bun dough as per the recipe. After the first rise punch down the dough and knead it until it becomes smooth. Make large lemon sized balls. Flatten one ball to 1/4 inch thick disc. Arrange 3 slices of banana and spread 1 tea spoon of domerara sugar over it. Sprinkle one pinch of cinnamon over it.

 Close all the edges firmly and make the ball in to a bun. Repeat for the rest of the balls. Arrange these filled buns in a greased baking pan and let it rise to double of its size in a warm place. It takes almost an hour.


Bake it in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes or until the crust becomes golden brown. Glaze it with honey when they are still warm and enjoy!

This is my contribution for JFI Banana hosted by lovely Mandira of Ahaar.

And as my dear  friends asked me to send this as an entry for MBP – bread(which I have never dared to do till date because I am beginner in baking). This is my entry for MBP conducted by Coffee of The Spice Cafe.

As Coffee wants us to list all our favorite smells in the kitchen, here goes the list:

1. Curry leaves and jeera frying in oil during taalipu

2. Drumstick leaves frying in the ghee at the end of ghee making process

3. Buns baking in the oven

4. Coriander leaves when added to hot rasam in the end.

and so many others. I love the smell of my mom’s palms once she’s done with the her cooking. A vareity of spice smells along with Love and Care !


16 comments on “Banana Buns (Inspired by Jai & Bee’s Chelsea buns) – JFI Banana

  1. wow…thats really great…send this to coffee for her mbp….have been planning to make this …will have to try now…thanks..

  2. yum it really looks good.
    I would have never thought of using bananas like this.

  3. they look golden and delicious. glad you enjoyed them, nirmala.

  4. Awesome buns. love them… will try them soon..:D and lovely pics..

  5. Great recipe ! I love banana flavor in bread! 🙂

  6. Y dont u send this to coffee ..She has a bread event coming up. Its a freat recipe.

  7. They look fantastic, Nirmala!

  8. Wow, this is lovely! r u sending this as ur mbp entry?

  9. your buns look great. I have to try making buns.

  10. SriValli, Bee, Sharmi, Manasi, Suganya, Pooja, Siri, Asha and HappyCook,
    Thanks a lot for all your comments. This is what I call immediate gratification. Your comments across miles brings lots of warmth and love and amongst all odds these kind words make me try out new things. I befriended Mr.Yeast with the help of Raaga and Bee! Thanks dears!

  11. Looks fabulous and lovely entry for both the events!

  12. Wow, looks great and a different entry for JFI

  13. Hi Nirmala,

    This is my first time visit to your site. Came here from TOI RSS, seeing your name, because I’m also from Tamil Nadu, although settled in US now. You have a very good site. I’m always looking for eggless baking and I think I should add this one to my collection.

    One question for you. When giving links to other sites, for eg. if you are using a recipe from another blog, why have you not given the option of opening that blog in another page? Why have you given the option of opening in the same page itself? If that blog opens in another page, we can just close it when we are done with it and continue to read your blog.

  14. What temperature do you need to cook the buns at?

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