Dates Pudding

Not everyday I could bake even though I love to. My family enjoys all the baking goodies I make, everybody at home will be busy all the time and I would not get a helping hand when I need. After a break of more than a week I baked this wonderful pudding. I should say its simply wonderful. Here is the recipe.

I made few changes to it. Added a handful of watermelon seeds to cover the top of it and give a nice look. It tasted good too. And I felt the pudding is rather sweet and hence skipped the sauce part.

Yet the warm pudding is an ultra soft and melt in the mouth kind and I would say its really the best way to send in so much of dates all together 😉


9 comments on “Dates Pudding

  1. First time to ur blog…..Dates pudding looks great 🙂

  2. nice to see you back, nirmala. love dates, so i can imagine how great this tasted.

  3. Beautiful looking cake. Hope you had a good break!:))

  4. lovely looking recipe. very rich and nice.

  5. You take so much inspiration from other blogs Nirmala. I am in the mood for pudding now. Dates is all I need. Thx for the recipe.

  6. lovely pudding nirmala….this is my first visit here….i love dates…pudding is yumm!!!!!

  7. Wow! I’m a huge fan of dates, this makes them better than ever 🙂

  8. you need to get an award for cooking from other blogs – loved “ilovemilkandcookies” 🙂

  9. Thanks Lakshmi, Kaykat, Remya, Asha, Bee, Suganya and Siri. Its worthy try and a healthy recipe too. I found it useful with kids especially as making them eat dates is a tough job.
    And Asha this is not a break which I took to relax but actually more work at office and hence could not spend time to blog 😦

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