Left over pitta bread dough ?

Today I tried the pita bread recipe from Jai and Bee. The recipe is fool proof and yes I got around 50% puff rate ;)(Thats great with my OTG). But where did I gave up ? I have the basic model OTG and making around 12 pita breads would take a loooong time. For baking a single bread it took me around 10 minutes. I realized when I baked the second one. So for a sample round I baked five breads (For each one in the family) and what did I do with the rest ? I tried to make phulkas with the dough. Please don’t laugh but I did. Made thin Phulkas with the dough and toasted for 3 seconds in a hot tava turning only once. Then placed it on the stove top. Wow! The bread rose up wonderfully. I should say 70% puff rate! But the taste was simply wonderful. When I pretended to serve them as Phulkas to my father after tearing the first piece his eyebrows rose up. After tasting it he said “Excellent ultra soft Phulkas” (he didn’t realize the yeast in it).Yeah now you can make Phulkas with this whole wheat pita bread dough. Have it with u’re favorite gravy. The only condition is the gravy should be thick and not watery at all.
I served them with spicy mushroom curry.


9 comments on “Left over pitta bread dough ?

  1. i am not laughing šŸ˜ – i make pita bread on a tawa – in the days before oven was invented this is how pita bread used to be made. in fact, there are many tawa bread recipes that we picked up while we were living up north – grated carrots and beetroots go very well as an addition to the dough – essentially the only difference between roti dough and this is adding yeast to “wheat flour” or “maida”.

    even a thicker version (non phulka kind) works – you’ll get one thick, layered edge and the other thin. a day old dough made on tawa will give you 100% puff rate – and i am not kidding!!

  2. Cool idea to make them into Phulkas.

  3. dear nirmala, you can make pita breads on the stove top too. great adaptation.

  4. grt idea indeed…

  5. nice idea…. and thanks Lakshmi for her tips for 100% puff rate..:)

  6. Thanks dears. But bee I never knew that it can be done that way and simply chose to do it with what’s available with me. Thanks a lot! You could as well add this point to your pita bread recipe enabling people who do not have oven too can make it.

  7. I have an issues with pitta pread though. I make the dough. Puffes up nicely. looks great. Now: do I keep it wet, or do I use plenty of flour. I have the receipe, that suggest to keep your hands wet all the time. It is too messy. Is it OK to use enough flour to make it not sticky at all? the biggest issue, when I make it into the disk, my dough shrinks back on me with flour or without. I have the smae issue with pizza dough. I hate baking, however would like to over come it. Stove top idea would of samed my day today. What am I doing wrong, that my dough rolls out and shrinks back????? thanks
    The rolling and shrinking back of the dough means its quite elastic. Too much risen dough also can cause this as I had this problem when I used the dough on the second day (even though refrigerated). Don’t make it too wet. Use sufficient flour so that its not sticky but careful too much flour also can make it tough. I had tried this only once and the above tips are my own. Anyhow you can refer to http://foodiefarmgirl.blogspot.com/2005/09/pita-pita-i-too-much-eata.html for a detailed learning.

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