Tamilnadu Cuisine

Spongy Aapam without yeast or soda

My search for a perfect Aapam recipe came to an end. Not that amma good make lacy soft aapams but she always uses a pinch of cooking soda. I much strived to avoid it. Hence searched for several recipes both Tamilnadu and Kerala blogs and came decided upon a recipe. I was much worried when […]

Saamai arisi kozhukattai – Steamed little millet dumplings

After shifting to this new place I got introduced to all small grains (siru dhaanya vagaigal) of Tamilnadu. Myself and Amma have tried a set of recipes and now have tried them with Varagu (Kod millet), Saamai (little millet), Thinai (Fox tail Millet) and Kudhirai Vaali. All these grains were available in almost all grocery shops in the southern part of Tamilnadu. People […]

Parangi kottai paal kootu – Baby pumpkin coconut with milk

I love pumpkins but love the baby pumpkins (the skin would still be a dark green) more because of the soft texture and the sweetness. When my neighbour S told about this sweet kootu I wanted to try immediately but the vegetable markets always sell the big orange skinned pumpkins. In Tamil, the baby pumpkin is called […]

Ambu kaalaan gravy – Arrow headed mushroom gravy

Have never seen fresh mushroom until I lived in the metro. The cute village where we live now has lot more natural treasures that take our pallettes to next levels. As there were thunderstorms recently one of our friend brought home this mushroom. They call it locally as “Ambu Kaalaan” as the shape is similar to […]

Vaazhai thandu sadam – Banana stem rice

One of the recent addition to my cookbook collection is “Ulaga Pramugargal rasitha thathuva nyani veetu samayal” by Parameswaran. Have not read much but always adored J. Krishnamurthy, when came across this book I immediately picked it up. Thiru Parameswaran have lived with the Philosopher till his last days and not only have shared several recipes that […]