An appraisal and some Paneer Pakoras

This happened when I was working. Kids are now too cautious and smart and its tough to advice them. One night after the bedtime stories are over I asked my little girl if she had finished her homework. She suddenly turned to a cautious kid and mumbled a “yes-no”. I promptly said if she is […]

Dreamland in the backyard and a hot-n-sweet snack

Life takes us to different places we never imagine. This roller coaster has now shifted me to a village near Sadhuragiri hills for a more peaceful and spiritual life. After coming out of the IT industry and settling down in a village from a metro life, it takes time. Now well settled here and after […]

Ras Malai for Indian Cooking Challenge for April

Ras Malai for Indian Cooking Challenge for April

After a 2 months of missing ICC I finally made up for April month’s challenge. But again a bit late! Sorry dear Valli! I tried a sample before making it in large scale for the b’day celebration. Mine turned into hard balls of paneer. After bit of searching in the blog I got a clue […]

Murungaikai Vadai – Drumstick Lentil Fritters

Murungaikai Vadai – Drumstick Lentil Fritters

My Uncle from my native village visited us a week back. His backyard has the tastiest drumsticks I have ever eaten. Very long and plump and the flesh will melt in your mouth. When drumsticks are abundant Amma will settle down for drumstick vadas. Its a rare snack as it takes a long time to […]

Thinai arisi paniyaaram – Foxtail millet fritters

My first taste with thinai arisi (foxtail millet) is when I was 11 years old. Yes, I remember it fondly till date. One of our family friends from the nearby village brought a bag of these. He also explained the process of cleaning it before we cook it. He said it has some 7 layers […]


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