Dreamland in the backyard and a hot-n-sweet snack

Life takes us to different places we never imagine. This roller coaster has now shifted me to a village near Sadhuragiri hills for a more peaceful and spiritual life. After coming out of the IT industry and settling down in a village from a metro life, it takes time. Now well settled here and after getting an internet connection I am back to the blogging world.
Currently the house we were going to reside is under construction but I am glad to attach a few shots about the sorroundings. A lovely place indeed. We have a brook flowing at our backyard (but water runs only for 3 months during the winter). Even though its great to see sparkling clear water runniong at the backyard. Isn’t it sound dreamy ?

The view from our backyard…

The mountain view from the front…

I will keep uploading new shots as days pass by.

Now coming back to the recipe, when it comes for snacking I am very choosy. One of the store bought items that I like the most is the corn flakes mixture available from Adyar Anandha bhavan. Its a mix of hot-n-sweet goodness with crunchy cashews and chewy raisins here and there. After much trials I successfully reproduced the taste (atleast 90%) but I immediately fallen for my own creation šŸ˜‰

Jumping to the recipe…

Corn Flakes mixture – Adyar Anandha Bhavan style

Ingredients : (for 1 cup)
Raw corn flakes – 1 Cup
Oil for deep frying (Peanut oil is desirable) – 1 Cup
Cashews – 10
Raisins – 10
Powdered sugar – 1 Tablespoon
Chilly powder – 1/2 tea spoon
Chat masala – 1 pinch

How to make it ?
Mix the powdered sugar, chilly powder and chat masala until well blended in a small cup and keep it aside. Heat the oil in a thick bottomed kadai till smoking hot and simmer. Add the corn flakes in handfuls (2 handfuls at a time) and cook till crisp. Take them out in a slotted spoon and drain in a kitchen towel. Transfer teh fried flakes inn a wide bowl as soon as the oil gets drained. Sprinkle the masala mix and mix well by shaking the bowl. Repeat till all the flakes are fried. Maintain the oil temperature below smoking point after the first heating. Fry the cashews ands raisins separately and add it to the fried flakes. Sprinkle the rest of the masala mix and give the entire mixture a nice shake to blend everything. Serve with a hot cup of tea for a wonderful evening.

Note : Add the masala when the flakes a re still hot so that the sugar slightly metls and sticks to the fried flakes.


8 comments on “Dreamland in the backyard and a hot-n-sweet snack

  1. That is fantastic Nirmala. How about the kids? Where do they go to school.

    This snack while sitting in your backyard would be the most perfect thing.

  2. Lovely place and yummy snack.

  3. Lovely pics of your backyard and the snack looks like a perfect snack with tea.

  4. You know….I’ve been checking your blog every so often to see if there’s been a post. I am happy for you…..your place looks so cool and green. How are the kids and your mom?

    Many thanks dear…everybody is doing great…Will bew writing regularly from now šŸ™‚

  5. Hy,
    chanced upon your space while blog hopping..very interesting blog you have…love your presentation..
    glad to follow u..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..

    Tasty Appetite
    Event: Letz Relishh Ice Creams

  6. Hey Nirmala, used to think about you all the time. I am totally J that you moved amidst such greenery. Where is this place ? Would love to know more about the move and the beautiful backyard.

    very happy for you

  7. Hi there,
    I was curious to know if the place you have moved to is near Srivilliputhur or Namakkal (kolli hills is also known as chathuragiri, hence my question)?

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