Thinai arisi paniyaaram – Foxtail millet fritters

My first taste with thinai arisi (foxtail millet) is when I was 11 years old. Yes, I remember it fondly till date. One of our family friends from the nearby village brought a bag of these. He also explained the process of cleaning it before we cook it. He said it has some 7 layers of thin skin that needs to be removed by hand pounding. Good God he bought the bag after all these processing and hence it made us feel that it s a precious grain.

Yes, by taste its real precious. Amma made a wonderful payasam using it. I still have that taste lingering in my mind. Last month Amma again bought a bag of this. I was so surprised and hence requested her to make the same payasam. But by the time I give her another reminder she had roasted it and ground it to a fine powder having something else in mind. But because of the 7 layered skin or whatever we need to sift it several times to have a smooth flour.

But the paniyarams she made did not disappoint us at all. They were melt in a mouth kind with a crusty outer layer and soft inside but it was very filling. If you could eat two and have a glass full of milk you will end up having a filling breakfast.

Altogether we loved it and stays well without refrigeration for 3 days. Will give the recipe here.

Ingredients :

Foxtail millet flour (roasted and ground and sifted for a smooth texture) – 1 Cup

Yogurt / fresh curds – 1/2 cup (or more)

Jaggery – 1/2 cup

Salt – 1 pinch

Baking soda – 1 pinch

cardamom seeds powdered – 1/4 teaspoon

How to make it ?

In a vessel sift the foxtail millet flour, salt, baking soda. Add jaggery and mix well. Beat the curds to make it smooth and add it to the flour mix a tablespoon at a time and mix well. You might need just little more or less of the curd/yougurt specified here. Until you get a batter which is a bit heavy than a lava. It should not flow but should be in a dropping consistency.

Now you can go ahead and cook it like this or like Amma heat up the peanut oil in a thick kadai till smoking hot and drop this batter in spoonfuls and deep fry them to golden color. Once the batter is dropped in oil reduce the heat to low and cook till the fritters look like in the picture. Sorry about the very bad picture quality this is because I took it from my mobile phone. I did not even had the patience to wait till my camera arrived to me as I don’t know when we will make this again. Enjoy it with a cup of tea as an evening snack too!


14 comments on “Thinai arisi paniyaaram – Foxtail millet fritters

  1. Good to see you back Nirmala. Happy birthday to the little 4 year old and Happy New year to you and the family

  2. This is something different..havent heard of foxtail milet flour before, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi…this is something new to me but looks so yummy and crispy, thanks for sharing dear…

  4. Nirmala, Thamizh Puthandu Vazthukkal!
    Your mom made muffins with the cholam (sweet) 🙂 I never knew of payasam, post the recipe please.

  5. why it is so bitter? By making sweets how can I get rid of this bitterness?
    The outer 7 layers of the grain needs to b removed. If you have the flour seive it several times to get a soft flour. That will reduce the bitterness

  6. Hello,
    Really superb n healthy, fibrous, more more useful dishes. Do you know foxtail millet payasam? I will try today to make PANIYARAM!!!

  7. Hi.i tried to make payasam.was wondering hw to identify dehuskd foxtail millet.the one which i bought is pale yellow.when i tried boiling i could see the outer portion broken to see a soft inner portion.when i hda a spoon of the cookd millet the outer portion was so chewy and like straw texture.anything wrong in what i did?if so let me knw

    • Usually in villages they used to do slight stone grinding and remove the husk. But u can try dry roasting it and running it in mixie to remove the husk. I am not sure that will leave the inner part as a whole. If you want to make it into flour then after griding sieve it to remove the husk which will not get ground to a smooth powder.

  8. Hi.hw can i identify dehuskd millet.tried to make payasam.when i had a spoon of it i could taste a soft portion.finally had to chew.was like eating umi.anything wrng

  9. Thanks a lot for the recipe. It is yummy and steps are very clear.

  10. where exactly can we buy this?
    how to cook it like a rice?

  11. how to remove the skin and dust in foxtail mellets ? please help me on this

  12. Thinai maavu (flour) available in, “Khadi Craft” outlets.

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