Parangi kottai paal kootu – Baby pumpkin coconut with milk

I love pumpkins but love the baby pumpkins (the skin would still be a dark green) more because of the soft texture and the sweetness. When my neighbour S told about this sweet kootu I wanted to try immediately but the vegetable markets always sell the big orange skinned pumpkins. In Tamil, the baby pumpkin is called […]

Maadhulai kozhundhu thuvayal – Pomegranate leaves chutney

In the house we live now, we have a small backyard and we have a pomegranate tree. Once in a while my sis used to pluck the young tender leaves and I used to make a wonderful chutney out of it. Not only it tastes great but it is good for stomach ulcers and calms […]

Pasalai Keerai poriyal

A quick post with just the recipe! Just to fill up the long gap 🙂 This green is called “Pasalai Keerai” (Botanical name : Basella alba) . This particular vareity is called “Kodi Pasalai”.  A stir fry was too good when mixed with rice or a side dish! Must be great with roti’s or phulkas too. The leaves are […]

Pudalangai Poricha Kootu – Spicy Snake guard kootu

Unexpected guests, amma’s illness all kept be away from blogging these days. Hope I would continue my weekly blogging from now onwards strictly. (How many promises! Sigh!) During a a recent visit to the market I saw these funny snake guards. Even the veggie vendor got fascinated about the snake guards shapes and had hung a […]

Agathi keerai thanni chaaru

Appa fasts on Ekadasi and hence we used to make special food on the next day i.e., on Dhuvadasi. Agathi Keerai – Sesbania grandiflora and Goose berries are a must in Dhuvadasi day food as the ulcers that would have developed on the fasting day would b healed well by these kind of food. Amma […]