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Milk n Coconut Burfi

As I rang the doorbell I noticed a new pair of shoes at the door step and could hear the younger ones voice chatting loudly! Sigh, who’s the catch today for her ?

My Father’s friend who was a roommate during his bachelor days visited us last week. The joy of meeting old friends that too keeping touch all these years were gleaming in both of their eyes and all the rest of us were watching them joyfully as they exchanged old stories.

I was surprised at the elder and younger ones talking to him. I have never taught any behavioural lessons to them (can I teach to them any?) but they so nicely welcomed him and the younger one went into the kitchen (she would never otherwise) and insisted my Amma to give her a plate of snacks to serve him. As a mother I really felt proud.

When we were kids there is a  routine conversation happening between our parents and we three (me, my sis and my bro) whenever somebody visit us. We will go to our parents every night when there are guests (all three) and ask this question “When will they leave the house ?”. When the first time it happened both Amma and Appa were shocked and started giving advice on how should one talk and behave before guests and my Amma already getting ready to slap us. But we quickly uttered the next statement “No Appa, they should stay with us for at least a month-long”. You should see their faces puzzled and slowly smiling at the innocence of the 3 little kids.

Coming to reality, the night I was boiling milk for my Father’s Friend S Uncle, came in the elder one. My father having a small talk with me on what should we cook the next day morning. The elder one reluctantly asked my dad, “Thatha, andha puthu thatha eppo kilambuvaanga?”  (Grandpa, when will that new Grandpa leave the home?”). Appa and me both were taken aback but not the least I expected any answers like we did out of innocence in our childhood days.

When Appa started talking “No dear, you are not supposed to talk that way…”, he quickly same the same statement which came out of our mouths some 30 years ago “Illai thatha, andha pudhu thatha namma koodave irukatume” (No Grandpa, let him be with us forever). Both Appa and me couldn’t stop laughing and that made him a puzzled kid 🙂 The genes have perfectly replicated !

Jumping inot today’s recipe I had a half a pack of Amul Fresh cream after making some chocolate fudge. I had to use it within two days and hence made these burfis. They were more creamy tasting than the ordinary ones and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. With some pepper “Kara sev” in the side the burfis pair up wonderfully.

Milk  Coconut Burfi


Fresh coconut scraped – 2.5 Cups (well packed)

Sugar – 2.5 Cups

Cardomom powdered – 1/2 spoon

Salt 1 pinch

Amul fresh cream or any fresh cream available – 1/2 Cup

How to make it ?


In a thick bottomed kadai Take the measured sugar and add water just enough to immerse it and boil it with the pinch of salt. When the syrup becomes slightly sticky add the grated coconut and fresh cream and mix well. Cook in low flame till the mix starts leaving the side. It will still be lightly sticky add the teaspoon on ghee and cardomom powder and mix well. Grease a plate with few drops of ghee and trasnfer the content into it. Level the mix evenly on the plate and let it cool for half an hour.


 Slice it with a sharp knife each time wiping it in a clean cloth and serve with a spicy snack on the side. Enjoy!


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