On a blogging break…

Will be on a short blogging break due to high work pressure. Will get back to you all in the end of March! Until then wish you all a great blog hopping 🙂


9 comments on “On a blogging break…

  1. Too bad, you’ll be missed.

  2. Nirmala, not good. We will miss you. Take it easy.

  3. That is quite unfortunate. Will await you to be back.

  4. Awww, that is far. We will be waiting

  5. When you’re back from your break – here are some awards for the great work on your blog!

    Check out http://www.mriganayani.com/2010/02/awards-and-veggie-mex-wrap-and-mexican.html

    Thanks and enjoy – come back soon and post some more great recipes for us to drool at!

  6. What, you are making rasgullas and not even posting them. As BSS would say “No Fair”

  7. What so long!..well will call if its fine with you..:)..And hope even amidst all the work you will make up the ICC..right?

  8. Nirmala

    Wanted to wish the 4 year old a Very Very Happy B’day. Couldn’t find the e-mail so wishing him(or is it her) right here!
    Thanks a lot Sandeepa! Actually the b’day falls on Apr 13 and its a “she” 🙂

  9. wow.. great recipes.. following you

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