When your Macs become lame…

Make meringue cookies. Its mere peer pressure. What can I do when this, this, this and this and so many other lovely ladies show off their macaroons. I had made a trial earlier but miserably failed. The macaroons seems to be definitely haunting me. I am sure the too-sweet cuties will not suit my taste bud but showing off is definitely a nagging thing in the corner of my mind. Sigh…its becoming addictive.

In my recent blog hopping I jumped into this lovely blog and what could say that Thip had described a new way to macaroons. I by-hearted the recipe and got into action. The idea of italian meringue really got me hooked and my fear for folding the dry ingredients seems to be removed in this recipe. There is a whole new way of mixing.

It all went well…er…not really. When I ground my almonds thy became lumpy and I need mix well to removed the lumps. But the sugar syrup is a problem. As I do not have a candy thermometer I got into visual testing for the right consistency. I thought thats the right time to take the syrup off the stove but looks like a bit late. My meringue never reached the soft peak stage. I beat until my hand-held blender became tired (read I) but looks like it would never and there is something WRONG.

Somehow got courage and piped the macaroons. I right away know that it’s rather runny and did not stand the mound at all. But pushed them in the oven to find some lame pitiable thin “cookies” which I need to scrap from the lining paper.

I had a idea and grabbed a 3/4 cup of AP flour (actually I eyeballed it but it should he this amount) and quickly folded in to the mix. Took the batter into a plastic bag and piped uniform mounds. They flattened slowly but I baked them in 150 degree centigrade for 10-15 minutes. I checked for slightly browning of the edges. When touched the cookies should be almost hard (it will harden at it cools).

They really made a wonderful and crispy melt in your mouth biscuits! We all loved them and my guilty feeling of wasting the ingredients too vanished 🙂

French meringue biscuits
Adapted from here

yield 1 sheet pan

for the mass
– 100 g almond flour
– 100 g powdered sugar
– 40-45 g egg whites, aged
– 3 drops food coloring (optional)
– 5 g pineapple extract (optional)

for Italian meringue
– 160 g sugar
– 75 g water
– 57 g egg whites, aged


1. Preheat the oven to 10 degrees centigrade.
2. Create “Mass” by folding all ingredients (use 40 g. of egg whites, add more later if the finish batter is too stiff) together with a spatula or big spoon. If using coloring or/and extract, add them into this step.
3. To make Italian meringue: Cook sugar and water to 230 degrees F. Remove from the heat, let the bubbles settle. In the meantime, whip egg whites in a mixer on high speed to soft peaks. Pour cooked sugar slowly into the egg whites while continuing to whip the whites. Continue whipping the mixture until you get a white shiny paste but that would drip into ribbons.
4. Fold in 25% of meringue into “Mass” to lighten the mixture.
5. Fold in the rest of meringue.

6. Sift 3/4 cup of AP flour, 2 T at a time and gently fold in.
6. Place into a pastry bag with plain tip# 4, using 3-6-9 piping technique, pipe 1″ in diameter circles on a silpat or parchment paper.
7. Bake on two aluminum sheet pan for 10-15 minutes, rotating half way through.
Even though this came out of accident they were delightfully crispy and melt in your mouth! I am sending this to Eat Christmas Cookies Season 3 organized by Foodblogga. Here is the round-up link if you like to have a look at all the cookies 🙂

6 comments on “When your Macs become lame…

  1. Dont tell me they came by accident….droolworthy ones!No wonder they melt in ur mouth…beautiful clicks!
    Thanks Sharmilee! yeah they tasted good because of the italian meringue and almonds.

  2. Nirmala, it seems I missed quiet a few of your posts this week. You have so many delightful things. This is a totally worthy accident 🙂 Can you send it for Kitchen Mishap event by Malar
    Sure dear. I am linking her here

  3. Oh, Nirmala, these are so pretty! They would perfect for Valentine’s Day too. Thanks so much for sharing them with Eat Christmas Cookies. 🙂
    Thanks Susan. The pink color givs that sense

  4. Ur accident is sure a treat here-love the pink in ’em…
    and oh so so love those heart shaped sprinkles @ the side-do u get ’em in india?if so,plz plz where?
    have been desperately looking for half the stuff that i cant find out here!
    Thanks Sugar Plum, but I got them in my last Jan trip to US 😉

  5. But they look lovely and dainty.I failed a couple of times but finally found feet…You know what you should come over and we’lll bake Macarons 🙂
    Wow, thats a great ida rachel!

  6. You really have a great positive baking attitude–I admire that. 🙂

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