Gulab Jamun for ICC October

When Srivalli announced that October month’s challenge for ICC is Gulab jamun, I was more than happy. Because I had Indo’s Gulab Jamun already in the list. In the history of my family we have been using ready mix only for years to make these delicious melt in your mouth jamuns. I was thrilled by the step-by-step explanation provided by Indo and had marked it right away for Diwali.

Everything went as per plan. I have one doubt on me making a mistake. When I mixed the yogurt and baking soda I think I have not kneaded into th dough uniformly and hence few of my jamuns were fluffy and soft and few turned to be slightly rubbery. But on the whole they tasted very creamy and kovaish and my elder one literally lived on it almost a week after Diwali. I am so happy and next time when I do I shall watch out the baking soda. Thanks Srivalli for the challenge and Indo for the fool proof recipe!


Gulab Jamun from Indo


Whole milk – 4 litres
Maida (all purpose flour) – 1/2 kg
Curd (yogurt) – 1 tbsp
Baking soda – 1 tsp
Sugar – 2 litres
Lemon – 1/2

Ghee – 2 cups for deep frying.


To Make Khova

In a wide mouthed heavy bottom pan add the milk and heat it in a medium flame (add a couple of stainless steel spoons into the milk to avoid burning)Reduce the milk for 3-4 hours till the milk solidifies and becomes thick.Whip together yogurt and baking sodaTo the khova add the flour and yogurt mixture and knead till it forms a pliant dough. (make sure not to add too much flour, just enough flour to make the khova pliant)

Make 3/4 inch diameter balls and set aside

Prepare sugar syrup

In a pan add the sugar and just enough water to cover the sugar. Heat till it comes to a boil.

Squeeze the half of the lemon (this is to avoid sugar crystals). Set aside.

Deep frying the Jamuns

Heat the ghee and deep fry the balls, adding a few at a time till golden brown.

Cool the balls and soak them in the sugar syrup.

Let sit for a few hours.


Normally ghee is recommended for frying the jamuns, but regular cooking oil can also be used. But I used ghee for a great favor! After all it’s for the festival 😉



8 comments on “Gulab Jamun for ICC October

  1. Yummy jamuns.. looks perfect and pretty 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures Nimi…good that the recipe worked out…will be making it again I am sure..:)

  3. The jamun looks soft and nicely done. I used the same recipe and all of mine fluffed well while frying only.

  4. Nirmala, they look absolutely delicious. I bet the packet gulab jamuns won’t cut it anymore. That is exactly what the DDs do, live on it till they are over.

  5. as for the kneading ammayee does knead the dough pretty good. I have almost never tasted rubbery ones, mostly they are at a fall apart stage.

  6. Wow look at those gorgeous gulab jamuns..perfect!

  7. Gr8 challenge, they look lovely

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