When I was in my 7th grade my amma underwent a surgery. I was not too matured to take care of my younger sister and brother and my amma needed my grandma’s assistance a lot as she was hospitalised then for 3 whole days. My Appa not so used to taking care of household work and kids left us in his friend’s house.

We used to visit my Amma in the hospital every day after school and come back to that Uncle’s house. Uncle S and Aunty were really nice people. But their eating habits are only not suiting us. Amma never fed us with yesterday’s food but here thats a regular affair. We three felt like fish out of water and the most affected was my little brother and he literally lived on biscuits and Boost for all three days. None of our tricks made him eat that food. On the fourth day amma was feeling better and my dearest Grandma took some time off and ran home to make a simple meal. She made a drumstick kuzhambu, fried some kanji vadagam and made rice and packed all and came back to the hospital. That day she made us come to the hospital during lunch time.

In the small hospital room she spread three little plates and served us this food. I literally cried when I ate the first morsel and that day I realized what food is to me in life. It appeared to be my “life” at that moment. I can never forget that meal and my Grandma’s love as after 3 sleepless nights she never bothered to take rest but just cook us this humble meal and serve it with love. We had never complained about anything on those three days but she had read our faces and made this. Every mother or grandmother shower their love by these deeds whose memories are etched to our minds until we die.


I tried to make this post for the Monthly Mingle but I missed. This click is my entry for this month’s <a href=”http://jugalbandi.info/2009/08/monthly-mingle-and-click-september-2009-heirloom/”&gt; CLICK-HIERLOOM </a>.

I never thought Jai and Bee or such sentimental people but by choosing this theme they have kindled lovely memories. Thanks dears!


3 comments on “CLICK – HEIRLOOM

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  2. its such a touching touching post..I’m writing this with watery eyes..

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