Onion Pickle – CLICK Alium

Alium – The title is quite good as I am a lover of the entire family. I made a quick onion pickle from Tarladalal but instead of chilli powder I used this for stuffing and it’s a pickle made of two components from the Alium family.


The pickle turned to be delicious with the creamy curd rice. This is my entry for this month’s CLICK event.


6 comments on “Onion Pickle – CLICK Alium

  1. The pickle has my mouth watering.

  2. Nice Pic Nirmala! Pickle pakka Nakku ooruthu!

    I have few awards for you on my blog, Do Check it. http://homecookreceipes.blogspot.com/2009/08/awards-and-meme.html

  3. Onion pickle looks delicious!

  4. Are those sambar onions? If you have mentioned it, sorry, but I cannot see the text as it runs off into the sidebar.
    Yes Sra they were. I shall update the post too

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