CLICK July 09 – Bi Color

The theme bi-color even though can kindle all the creative juices in everybody’s mind it didn’t do much to me. Not to blame the theme but the work overload had made my mind less creative. I could finally click the below photo. Hope the humble couple would accept this.

As we are shifting to a new house I am not going to be connected with the net for another month and hence will be missing my favorite events too. One among is the Indian Cooking challenge! Sigh!

And here is the click for July!



6 comments on “CLICK July 09 – Bi Color

  1. Yay new house! Happy housewarming! šŸ™‚

  2. That click is perfect for the event! I know shifting sometimes is difficult as even i am shifting šŸ˜¦

  3. very nice lighting. next time, try placing the subject a bit off centre.

  4. Simple, but tasty click:-))))

  5. Moving to a new house? That is always exciting, but a lot of work too… Good luck with the move Nirmala.

  6. Nirmala..I always look forward for your CLICK entry. lOVE Choosing Egg for Bi-color.
    Good Luck on moving to New Home Nirmala…

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