In the lap of Mother nature

Last week I was blessed with a week long vacation by my boss and out we flew to Koutralam. Koutralam is a famous place for water falls which originates from hill ranges that were rich in medicinal herbs. Bathing and drinking this water if very good for health but we all wanted to place to escape from Chennai’s scorching heat.

The wonderful season for this place is between June to early September when the monsoon just starts. Th falls will become wild or lean in other parts of the year. This year the season started almost by end of June but we are lucky to visit the place when there were not much crowd. Yeah, you won’t believe that people around that part of Koutralam religiously visit this place and in peak times you need to stand in long queues to lend your head to the roaring falls for few minutes. When we visited there is less water but we bathed peacefully for hours together.

This season created a weather where there are very small droplet like showers the whole day. You will never get wet but every minute enjoy the chill droplets on you. The entire place and surrounding village enjoys this kind of climate during this season.

And to relish our taste buds mother nature showers with season’s best fruits Sendhatti Palaapazham ( A red tinted jackfruit with no threads inside but just the seed spurted with the juice when split into for eating. Pure indulgence ), Rambuttan, Mangoes, plums, jumbu fruit, Mangusthan etc were to delight to munch upon with wet dresses and growling stomachs soon after an hours bathing and again getting charged for the next dip.


Fruits in the near by shop


Another view showing pears and plums


Nungu artistically shelled out of the panangai and stacked in a Palm leaf…


Papanasam dam



Papanasam falls



another view…

We also visited Manimutharu dam and falls but the camera charge went down and hence could not take pics.

I literally lived on these fruits and ate very little cooked food as the bath in the falls and its serenity should not be spoiled (somehow I ot this feelin) ! And I never wanted to come back! The shots might look very dark but the cloudy weather just allowed me those kind of clicks šŸ™‚


12 comments on “In the lap of Mother nature

  1. The place looks heavenly Nirmala, and the list of fruits made me envious. I love nungu, peeling that outer skin is a lil painstaking but totally worth the effort. Specially when they are freshly plucked. I vaguely remember eating the rambuttan and paalapazham that you mention, but its been ages since….sigh. Glad that you got a week long vacation to relax. We had gone to Ooty a couple of year back and the weather there was exactly like you described, tiny droplets of rain, but not the drenching kind.

  2. Ok seriously where is this place? looks like heaven to me!!

  3. I have never been to Kutralaam, but heard of it a lot. I think I should visit it for sure after seeing your pictures. By the way, “Nungu ” photo ellam pottu, rombha Yenga vaikrengae…

  4. I think I died and went to heaven! This is bliss!

  5. is this place near Trivandrum? Love the photos, Nirmala.. especially the one of the palm coconut. i used to love these. wish u could ship me some!!

  6. Wow, beautiful pictures Nirmala! What browser are you using? Firefox? Which version is it? Thanks for letting me know! I have tried the site on safari, firefox and ie and no problems so far. šŸ˜¦

  7. Courtrallam is close to my heart..coz my hometown is a nearby village. Thanks for the lovely pictures…I miss being there

  8. Lovely photos Nirmala, too good. The one with those colorful boats is fantastic

  9. Pictures of the dam and the Falls from Kalakkad-Mundanthurai Tiger Resesrve. It is located in Tirunelveli district about 60 km south west of Tirunelveli. The dam in this picture is called Karayar Dam. Papanasam dam is the lower one among the three dams in the Mundanthurai plateau. The falls is Banatheertham Falls. I can see from the boats that water is quite low this year. But the Falls looks full which is a good news… that means the monsoon is good so far this year! This is the main source of water of the Tamraparani river which is the biggest perrenial river south of KAveri and flows into the Bay of Bengal.

  10. Nice pics….esp the ones showcasing all those fruits.

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