CLICK – June Stacks

This month CLICK is really challenging as I was clicking different stacks throughout this month yet not satisfied. I first tried a stack of beetle leaves. No…then tried to make a coffee jello stack…Nah…then tried stacking up half a dozen of icecream cups…hmmm….no.


Finally settled down with this colorful honey-mango-cream frozen delight. It was a unique combo (atleast for my knowledge ;)) and when refrigerated the honey for the bottom layer turned to a jelly with a wonderful golden color. And I pureed some sweet mangoes and layered on the honey. Topped with fresh cream I totally loved this stack. Can’t wait to taste this soon after my clicks. I mixed them all with a spoon and each spoonful was a heavn on earth kind in this scroching heat of Chennai.

Thanks to Jai and Bee for hosting this wonderful event!


9 comments on “CLICK – June Stacks

  1. Very creative idea to suit the click theme. Pic look gorgeous.

  2. That looks sooo decadent Nirmala! An awesome treat for the summmer.

  3. The colors look lovely layered like that– so, what did you think of the taste? 🙂

  4. This is indeed a lovely dessert and a equally lovely stack. I am going to serve this to the family, will replace cream partly with yogurt

  5. Superb Click Nirmala..Mango, Honey, Cream nnu adukkitteenga!

  6. I had seen this pic in click gallery, loved it!

  7. Very creative and it looks really good.

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  9. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

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