CLICK Cookies

I made some 2-3 varieties of cookies. I tried lemon meltaways, macaroons and some choc cookies. All were edible but not photogenic. I then came to an opinion about myself. Even though I dream to act like a pastry chef I am nowhere near and will take a long time to reach there.

So CLICK cookies can’t wait till that and hence decided to buy some good looking cookies and try out. I clicked the Lotte’s Chocopies. Even though they looked lovely I am talented enough to make them ugly in the photo 😉 After the first session when viewed the results in my computer I thought those clicks can be trashed right away.

Then I bought some Sunfeast Orange cream biscuits. I ried to include an orange in my shot but couldn’t buy one and its already 10 PM yesterday. Today and tomorrow I will be reaching home late from office and hence I need to wind up yesterday night. So I setup the props and finaly got a few clicks. After the makeover they all looked like Bollywood stars coming out of the green room and the below pic is my entry to CLICK – cookies May 09.
Here are the other trials I have done 🙂



Ah…I am done 🙂 Thanks Jai and Bee for this wonderful monthly excercise!


9 comments on “CLICK Cookies

  1. I wanted to participate in Cookies but today I tried something for Stacks. The motif on the orange cream biscuits reminds me of the same biscuits I remember as a child. And somehow I’ve never associated biscuits with green – until now 🙂
    True, even I am not. But somehow the color contrasts compelled me to add flowers and leaves as props 🙂

  2. Oh my..lovely clicks..looks all bright and colorful

  3. First time here…u have a lovely blog:)….Lovely click..each one beats the other.Great stuff!

  4. nice work. my fav is the third pic.

  5. Nirmala, I thought you made those 🙂

    The pictures look good and love the props too.

  6. Nirmala, all the shots look lovely 🙂

  7. My favorite is the last pic! 🙂

  8. My favorite is the 3rd pic, looks so pretty. Where are the lemon meltaways, the recipes if not the pic

  9. Wow awesome clicks…….

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