Kool Kool Kulfi

Last week I had kesar kulfi when we went out for lunch with friends. The kulfi was very flaky, not that creamy but the kesar aroma was too strong. But it tasted ok. As Chennai is seeing “Agni Natchathiram” there is lotsa demand for icecreams at home. To manage my elder one who can live on icecreams for breakfast, lunch and dinner I very much wanted to make kulfi at home.

Immediately after getting back I searched for a kulfi recipe. Many demanded fresh cream in a large quantity which is difficult to get here. After reading few recipes I settled to try my own. Even the milk skin gives the wonderful taste to kulfis my elder one doesn’t like it. If something like that hinders in his tongue he would stop eating it immediately. So when grinding the soaked cashews and almonds I filtered the boiled milk and added the skin to the nuts and ground it to a creamy texture. This made a distinct effect in the kulfis. I was collecting the tiny clay pots in which these wonderful delicacy is served since past few months, I made good use of them now 🙂


And after spending little time to set up the tiny studio (in the total 20 mins I had to come out to attend my kids 4-5 times :() I managed a few shots which I really liked. And here’s my recipe! Shoo away the heat with these heavenly creamy pots!


Cashew Almond Kulfi

Full cream milk – 1 Ltr
Sugar – 4 T spoon
Cardamom (seeds only) – 4 pods
Saffron – a pinch
Cashew – 1 handful
Almonds – 5-6
Pistachio slivers – 2 T spoon

How to make it ?
Boil the milk in low flame till it reduces to 1/3 rd of its original quantity. It takes almost 20-30 minutes. Stir in between to make sure its not scorching in the bottom. Use a thick bottomed vessel. In the mean time soak the cashews and almonds in a cup of hot water. By the time the milk is ready the nuts would have soaked to soft. Let the milk come to lukewarm temperature and filter it using a cheese cloth / tea filter. Grind the soaked nuts along with the milk skin and grind to a smooth creamy mass. If needed add a spoon or two of the boiled milk while grinding. Take the milk back to the stove on a medium flame and heat for 1 minute. Add the cardamom seeds, nut paste and sugar and mix well with a long spoon till the milk becomes thick and creamy. Keep stirring for another minute or two and then add the pistachio slivers and mix well. Let it come to room temperature and fill this in small clay pots for a traditional touch or fill them in kulfi molds. You can in turn use the ordinary cups too. Freeze them overnight. Enjoy kulfi to your heart’s content. The above measurements made 8 such pots as shown in the picture.



11 comments on “Kool Kool Kulfi

  1. Wow thats a very delicious looking kulfi…gorgeous pics

  2. There’s a nice warm glow about the pix I can’t describe!

  3. Ooh, they look very pretty and delicately spiced. Well done! 🙂

  4. I want some Nirmala. Looks so good. Absolutely adore your pots.

  5. I love those kulfi pots…. sooooooo cute! 🙂

  6. The kulfi spunds delish but those pots are so damn cute. Isn’t taking pics a pain with kids, I hardly get to take 4-5 shots and then I can’t even check whether they have come out ok

  7. Kulfi looks superb. I loved the matka feel. And your studio is damn cute! The flowers and the feel – amazing! Are you at chennai?

  8. nirmala, here’s an instant kulfi. equal parts of mango pulp in the can and condensed milk. that’s it. add saffron if you want. pista kulfi is my fav, but i’m too lazy for that.
    Oh but having canned fruits at home is not that common here 🙂 but looks really simple for a lazy day

  9. Nothing comforts me more, than a cold and creamy kulfi, in the hot summer heat. Nice picture too.

  10. Where did u get the pots from??
    I reserved them after eating kulfis from icecream parlours 😉

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