Poornam kozhukattai

Kozhukattai sounds to be odd at this time of the season but what can stop a sudden craving for the soft dumplings with sweet fillings ? Last Sunday evening called for a craving for these little sweet pillows when I discovered the kozhukatai mold I bought long back during a cleaning process.

Myself and amma immediately jumped into action. Amma made the poornam and I made the dough. All the moldings done by me in lightning speed (the craving drove me ;)) and within an our we had steaming hot poornam kozhukattai ready to savor. Now you know from where I got the gene of a foodie yes its from my dearest Amma.



For the dough:

Rice flour – 1 cup

Water – 1/2 cup

salt – a pinch
For the filling:

Chana dal / Kadalai paruppu – 1/2 cup

Jaggery grated – 1/4 cup

Cardamom – 1 crushed with the skin

Salt – a pinch

How to make it?

The poornam should be made first. Cook the chana dal with water till it falls apart in a vessel with adequate water and a pinch of salt. Drain and cool. Add the grated jaggery, cardamom and mash it with a wooden spoon. Don’t mash it thoroughly but some of the dal should remain whole.

In a thick bottomed vessel boil 1/2 cup of water. When it comes to a rolling boil add the salt and dump the flour all at once. Using a wooden spoon mix it keeping thoroughly until you get a solid mass. Mix on the stove top for a minute and then take the vessel off the stove. Let it cool until it is luke warm.

Take a small lime sized ball of the dough. Oil your palms and press the dough softly to make a disc in your palm. Place half a spoon full of the filling and carefully close the disc to make a ball. Let the filling not seep out. Instead you can make use of ready made molds sold in shops (the one below is made usin the coconut shaped mold). Steam them for 10 minutes. Enjoy when they were still warm.


And do you want to have a look at my failed almond macaroons ? Here it is.


They ended up looking like tuiles and my elder one commented “Enna Amma un macaroon dosai maadhiri iruku?” (Mom u’re macaroons are looking like dosas?). But these kind of comments are not going to stop me from further trials. And did I say that all of them I made disappeared in a day? Thanks to Helen for all her guidance. Will soon try again.


11 comments on “Poornam kozhukattai

  1. Liked the filling of your kouzhukkattai. Never tasted one with kadalapruppu.

  2. Nothing like a craving to get some special food items. The kozhukattai looks delicious.
    As for the macaroons I bet tasted great inspite of the shape.

  3. kozhukattai looks very yummy and delicious..i m still yet to taste these wonderful dumplings..pls send few to me?

  4. I love these too, soo soft and sweet! Those molds make the kozhukattai look like designer wear 🙂

  5. I have not had these but loved the shapes. And shall I again say how jealous I am that you have your Amma living with you 🙂

  6. We make the poornam and dip it in something like idli/vada batter and deep fry it. Then, if you like, you can poke a hole in it, fill it with ghee and eat it.

  7. I love kolukattai.But I am now in U.S and cooking of my own…How to steam them for 10 min? In cooker? If so should I put the whistle or not??plz help..
    You can steam them in cooker for 5 mins in low flame without whistle. If you have a idli cooker then do this in it. Else you need to first experiment with 1 or two and check the timings.

  8. I love these. Whenever my neighbors make this, they give me a bowl full. May be I will try these out some myself someday.

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