CLICK – Spring

After much thought and trials I have settled with the below image for this month’s CLICK event! There is a neem tree in the backyard which is loaded with these fragrant beautiful flowers and I thought this is the right candidate for this season. As in our part of the world the Spring is almost merged to Summer I don’t have any other go! Thanks for all the support and motivation from Jai and Bee.


8 comments on “CLICK – Spring

  1. This is so nice – wish we could capture the scent too. We use this in the Ugadi pachadi!

  2. Nice pic…looks beautiful..My first time here, very interesting blog…

  3. they look beautiful Nirmala. My paati used to make vadagam with these flowers, its been a while since I have even seen these flowers.

  4. thank you, dear nirmala. i will reply to your e-mail tonight.

  5. You eat those flowers??? I’ve never tasted neem flowers! Looks very pretty, too pretty to eat really 🙂

  6. Hi, first time here….beautiful picture of neem flowers

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