CLICK Wood – Mar 09

How can I miss my favorite event ? But yes I missed it last month. Yes the CLICK Cheese. But not this time. I searched for some wooden bowl for the ideas in mind but couldn’t find any in nearby stores. I managed with these wooden spoons. At home wooddn articles are extensively used in the kitchen but they were all worn out and will not look good in my basic digital camera and through my un-artistic eyes šŸ˜‰
Hence this below click goes to CLICK Wood.



6 comments on “CLICK Wood – Mar 09

  1. Hardly unartistic. Also, those capsicums remind me of babies’ bums šŸ˜€

  2. i like all worn out. do post pics of them some day.

  3. Good picture. I also agree with the baby bum thing. Reminds me of a poster where all the cute babies are sitting in a row, with their cute bums showing.
    I hope you don’t think this is a mockery. I really liked the picture. Another thing about wood is ‘ the rustic the better it looks’. yours look bright and shiny, mine look all worn out but they are great for my non sticks.

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