Goodies from other blogs

Even though I don’t post frequently I never forget to spare time to visit my favorite blogs and try the recipes at home. Here are a few which my family loved and I could manage to take some decent pictures.

Dear Sunita’s Rocky road bars were a real hit with the kids. It took a long time for me to make as I was not able find marshmallows in the near by super markets. Its so irresistible and I made some marshmallows myself. They turned to be bit sticky but absolutely wonderful as I were left off with just half them for the rocky road bars.



My homemade marshmallows 🙂

And Aan of Canelle et Venille is one of my recent favorites. My jaw drops on every post in her blog. Simply stunning. I tried her Grape fruit pudding cake by substituting the grape fruit with Kamala Orange which is abundant in makets this season. Firt time using the orange zests and each bite turned to be a burst of orange flavor and aroma. I simply loved this pudding!


People who have read this blog earlier would have noticed of my search for cake recipes which contain minimum of AP flour. This one came to my help and by substituting half of the AP flour with oats powder and almonds with cashew its so very forgiveable and rich and moist for every bite. This is a keeper recipe! Thank you sweet Mary!



4 comments on “Goodies from other blogs

  1. Someone’s been busy – am off to have a look at that grapefruit pudding cake!

  2. Hey..so good to see you back..and boy,so many goodies,am gonna check out that Almond tea cake!!

  3. You made marshmallows…wow !!! My daughter keeps pestering me to buy them, but they always come in a huge bag so I keep refusing 🙂
    The orange pudding looks heavenly

  4. Glad you liked the bars, and yaay for making your own marshmallows 🙂

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