Carrot Coconut Sweet Sevai (Sweet rice noodles)

Amma surprises me in so many ways. In this age the zeal and enthusiasm she shows amazes me a lot. We make sevai often at home and the steamed noodles and the goodness of the simplicity of it, had made that as a comfort food for me. I love sevai with coconut milk or a simple thaalipu with mor milagai.
But this one was amma’s experiment and it was a real hit. Especially the kids loved it. U can have them for breakfast or dinner and serve it as a light dessert too.

The ready-made sevai is more common these days and I love the MTR brand which gives fluffy and soft sevai instead of poking dry ones. Make it atleast 15 minutes before serving so that the juices soak up the sevai well.


Ready made sevai cooked as per the instructions on the pack – 2 cups
Grated carrot – 3 T
Grated coconut – 1 T
Cardamom powder – 1/4 tea spoon
Sugar – 2 T

How to make it ?

Mix the cardamom powder with sugar. Sprinkle the carrots, coconut and sugar evenly on the sevai. Toss well until the coconut and carrots evenly coat the sevai. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Serve warm.

I am sending this for JFI Carrot hosted by the lovely Cooker.


11 comments on “Carrot Coconut Sweet Sevai (Sweet rice noodles)

  1. Interesting! Love the expression “poking dry noodles” 🙂

  2. THat is a really nice version…we love sevai too 🙂

  3. I love sevai looks colorful..

  4. Awesome photograph Nirmala , Please accept a Friendship Award waiting for you in my blog…

  5. I love sevai too and loved this version of sevai you have made….

  6. Beautiful sevai, Nirmala! Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my blog. You are so sweet!! 🙂

  7. My mom makes it without the carrots… Carrots do add some color to the dish, and we can pretend it is a healthy snack with veggies 🙂

  8. looks lovely .. carrots add a lovely color

  9. Nirmala, love the look of this dish. did not know MTR had instant sevai, will look for it. Thanks for the tip for making idlis, will try with aval. My problem is with the type of rice.

  10. I had to look up Sevai! I see now that you don’t need to bake a heavy cake just to get carrots in dessert– looks lovely!

  11. have to try this kind of sevai! looks so good. I like coconut sevai.

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