CLICK Crust (Sep 2008) – I am empty without u!

Crust is an interesting theme but I am no good in baking breads. Thought of pie/tart crusts but not so intuitive for myself to make one.

Recently tried to make this fascinated by the pics but it was a total failure on the looks(the crust did not come out as a whole) even though it tasted heavenly!

So this strike my mind when I saw triangle shaped sandwich bread loaf in th nearby super market. I toasted the slice to make the crust a bit hard. Before that I sliced the crumb with a sharp knife. Since its shaped as a triangle it was easy to make it stand straight. But I used a little strip of cello-tape to hold it firm. And Jai, this was shot with the tabletop light 🙂 I did little touch-ups with gimp and here you go!

And what title have I given to this shot ? I am empty without u!


12 comments on “CLICK Crust (Sep 2008) – I am empty without u!

  1. Madame, how romandig! “I am empty without you!” – 😀

    It also reminds me of outer space, the crust lit up like that and those little specks – just like a galaxy!

  2. Nirmala, that was such a smart capture…well done 🙂

  3. hi Nirmala, smart click! Catchy line too:-)

  4. Thats a great pic and idea..very creative!

  5. Who would have thought of such a simple yet great idea for a crust. Nice caption!

  6. thatz a lovely click … very innovative

  7. Wow… I am empty without you… great caption for a great pic Nirmala! 🙂

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  9. u have changed the look too……….thats a smart click though…..:)

  10. Nice click, n a catchy caption…

  11. Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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