Kalakkai Oorukai – (Karaunda pickle)

The festival season starts with the wonderful Vinayaka Chathurthy. To sort out the offerings for God Ganesha all were simple produces of the season thus making Him a simple person to reach for and both the rich and poor can do the celebrations without much of hustle.

To name a few on the offerings side there were arisi pori, sundal, kambu, Pirappam pazham, karumbu, erukam poo and kalaakai.

I am coming to the kalakaai berries (Carissa congesta ) now. They were tiny sour little things which cannot be eaten on their own. They taste so much sour. But putting them into a spicy pickle makes morsels of curd rice as simple heaven!

When we bought items for the pooja a bag of these berries too came into our kitchen. Amma made these delicious pickle and here goes the recipe!

Kalaakai (Karaunda) pickle

Kalakkai – 1 cup (cut into 2 and pit them)
Gigelly oil – 1 T spoon
Salt – 1 tea spoon
Chilly powder – 1 T spoon
Mustard seeds – 1/4 tea spoon

How to make it ?

Add the kalakkai in 1/2 cup of boiling water and add the salt and simmer for 15 minutes. Check in between if the water dries up. Drain and keep aside. Heat the oil in a thick bottomed vessel and once hot add the mustard seeds and when they start spluttering add the boiled kalakkai and chilly powder. Mix well and check for salt and if required add to taste. Simmer and stir it often until the oil separates. Switch off the stove and let it cool. Store it in a dry aritight container. Keeps well for a month.

Serve them with Curd rice!


17 comments on “Kalakkai Oorukai – (Karaunda pickle)

  1. Am not familiar with kalaakai, but the pickle sure looks good.

  2. we call karonda,..pickle looks yum,..

  3. Ni, I’ve eaten daal made with these! Very sour, quite tasty!

  4. pickle is my weakness.. this is somethg new to me.. will try to hunt for karaunda in the grocery 🙂

  5. I love all pickles…urs make me remember the school days..sourness of kalakkai..Thank u so much Nirmala for this wonderful pickle …It made me so nostalgic.

  6. Oh man! Remember eating Kalakkai’s at school… from street vendors… and I could make pickle with them? Cool. But problem is, I dont think I can find them here

  7. Have never seen this..I love pickles..any kind..the spicier the better..

  8. Can we get “Kalakkai” in USA? I would love to buy this. I love this kalakkai pickle very much. Thanks.

  9. just i T oil? looks fantastic.

  10. Use to get kalakkai with salt ..yummy…long time I ate this pickle…thts like refreshing memory…gud one dear..

  11. No need to remove the seeds? What a relief? I heard that they make the dish bitter.

  12. hi ya
    this is my first time here….
    u have a lovely space…
    Spicy mouthwatering pickle!
    I am pretty new to this blogging world…jus popped in to say my hi!

  13. I love all pickles…Pickle looks tangy and spicy .Awesome recipe dear:) Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hey that looks really lovely .. the pic is very beautiful

  15. hi ramya, u won’t get kalakai in u.s. but u will get cranberry during october. u can make pickle out of that. !!!!!! it will be so yemmy! instead of kalakai u can use cranberry

  16. Kalaakai (Karaunda) (in Tamil) Vaakkaya (Telugu) Botanical name is Carissa Congesta

    It has medicine values

    Can be cooked with Dal

    Pickle, chutny tastes well

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