CLICK Citrus – August 2008

This month CLICK Citrus edition is quiet exciting and the Orange honey post was an out come of the many oranges and lemons I bought for this wonderful event. Thanks Bee and Jai for a great theme and I would say the most useful thing I got about it is the orange honey.

As usual my pics turned to be out-of-focus, not-to-my-excpectation category but I loved working for this. I planned for the this but could not make it for this month. I should be using it from next month’s event (my sis has promised me to help me out making it 😉 )

Out of several ideas and CLICKs the below is the one I liked most. Hope you all like them too 😉 Anyway the judges won’t like it (ha ha!)



And these were my trials. I wanted to show them all as what else will I get for making these many trials.

Orange stripped off 😉

Stripped off Orange in candle light…

Tried to balance an orange upon an orange …

Probably I should plan for a Digital SLR camera to get the effect I long for or should search for a book which teaches me to handle those depth-of-field, focus tricks, lighting tricks with my humble


17 comments on “CLICK Citrus – August 2008

  1. nice. i too long for good pictures.

  2. This post makes me want to say many naughty things, what with the “stripped off ;)” (your wink, not mine), candlelight and etc … Can’t stop laughing.
    I like the second and third the most!

  3. 😉 okay, is that a wink, i missed out the hyphen, i think

  4. Sra, you are all welcome to say all those naughty things. Please add spice to this post dear!

  5. nice click for the event loved the second one

  6. c’mon ur pics are so cute..i like them…judges will too…

  7. 😀 I am soooooo with sra there… I too can think of some “real” naughty things to say…. 😉 and here is a real wink, I hope…. Nice pics Nirmala!

  8. Sra, you are too much 😀
    Lovely pictures Nirmala.
    BTW, I tried to send you a mail, but, it rebounded. Have you got a different id? Please leave me a note as soon as you can at-
    Take care,

  9. thanks, nirmala. do you have a photo editor? like GIMP or photoshop? try reducing the highlights a bit. i like the pic.

  10. Lovely clicks…gud idea of candle light click…;)

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  12. LOL at sra’s comment and i am not sure if censor board will like the comment i want to meke 😉
    and i second bee… check gimp and picassa although i use picassa just to sharpen the image. i like that stripped one the best 😉 ahem…

  13. beautiful pictures nim!..not sure how I missed commenting…and yes our dear sra is all very naughty!!..

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