Orange Honey

This Duo is definitely driving me crazy by this month’s CLICK event. Since the theme is Citrus I am dreaming Oranges and lemons 😉

Last week bought couple of these fruits just for experimenting my so called photographic skills (LOL). Tried several clicks after torturing those colorful balls ! In that effort (will list them all in my CLICK post) I was left with finely grated zest of one orange. This is the first time I am laying my hands on them and so many baked goodies lined up in my mind.

Before I could decide anything on that my sis showed me a bottle of fresh honey from Kolli Hills. As she gets them as a monthly supply in lots for her hospital needs she said this time they collected the honey by the arrow method (They shoot a thin arrow on the hive and a long thread is attached to the arrow’s tail which gets in to a collecting vessel. The honey gets down the thread and collected in the vessel). The taste was sure nice and what I did was add 2 T spoon full of the zest in 1/3 cup of this honey.

My sis warned me that this should be kept under sun if I am going to keept it for a while but my idea is to soak the zest in the honey to impart its flavour. Yet the next day I kept it under the sun for 3 hours and I could not wait to taste it. I licked a spoon ful and it kicked my taste buds and its very much tasted like the orange marmalade. What a simple way of making marmalade ? Since Appa loves orange marmalade but he’s resricted to have it due to his diabetes this would be the best substitute.

Then I had so many ways to finish off the Orange honey in just a day. Yes, I had them in bread (toasted & plan) with butter, with a warm paratha and amma added it to her black tea too! It tasted as good in everthying its paired up!

This honey got its bright orange color from the zests of the orange and hence going to Easy Craft’s WYF:Color in food.

Note: You can increase or decrease the amount of zest in the honey based on how strong you want the citrus zing.


9 comments on “Orange Honey

  1. ohh..new look??…this looks good….nice click..heheh..are your dreams orange or yellow in colour??

  2. Like the new look. Orange honey sounds good.

  3. New template looks very pleasing. Nice way to make that orange honey. May be , I can try with lemon zest too.

  4. i like the new look of ur blog. very refreshing 🙂
    and honey with orange zest? simply WOW 😀

  5. Ni, how the honey is collected is fascinating! I prefer the taste of this unrefined (I think), organic honey to the supermarket variety – there is such a vast difference!
    Sure would like to taste this. Have you tried a spoon of honey with a pinch of nutmeg? Heavenly!

  6. awesome click,..nice idea tomake marmalade,..:-)

  7. you’re right about the orange marmalade bit. our co-op has orange honey, blackberry honey and clover honey (the regular one). the orange one (that we buy) tastes like marmalade, and the blackberry one tastes like blackberry jam.

  8. Love the new look Nirmala…We used to get fresh honey from our periama’s home..Nice to know how to get Honey.

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