Tried & Tested Jugalbandi – Chocolate pudding

I have tried many of Jai and Bee’s recipes before and have blogged about it but have to make something special for this event Tried and tested hosted by lovely Zlamushka.

I made this lovely pudding (long awaited recipe) for my brother’s b’day.

I know its a mistake to alter the recipe but I did not have any Lavender thus I added a spoon full of vavila essence. It is such a delish and have this one photo for the ‘”Proof is in the pudding”. Thats my younger one licking her spoon during the threatedened second helping with a loud tantrum 🙂

Thanks Jai and Bee for all that you share!


15 comments on “Tried & Tested Jugalbandi – Chocolate pudding

  1. the original recipe (which we modified) has vanilla, not lavender. glad your kids enjoyed it, dear nirmala.

  2. that photograph of your daughter licking the spoon is adorable. the pudding looks delicious.

  3. aww..what a lovely picture…am sure another bowl would’ve gone missing too..:)..

  4. Ni, watch out – the detergent-makers of the world will all want your kid to model for them! 😀 😀 (Psst, I can be your agent, you know – will cut my commission for you.)
    That’s a really endearing photo!

  5. Aww, that is so sweet…your little is really enjoying herself 🙂

    Lol at sra’s comment 😀

  6. So sweet of ur daughter..It is such a delight to watch kutties eating themselves..Love the pic and the pudding too!!!

  7. Yummy pudding..great snap too!!!I agree with Sra abt the detergent part,hehe.

  8. Hi nirmlala,
    pudding looks yum…feel like licking it like ur daughter:)

  9. yummy pudding and ur kid is right…who will not want this great pudding huh?

  10. Sweet kid. I can understand how delightful it was.

  11. looks great girl! plus, who can ever say NO to choc pudding??!!:D

  12. u have a surprise in my blog 🙂

  13. Lovely..Yummy Pudding Nirmala..I love the template too.

  14. This pudding does look yummy. Will definitely try. Thanks Nirmala for your nice words on my blog.

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