Morning Coffee – CLICK July 2008

How much I missed my favorite event ? Very much indeed. Due to change of job and home connection break down it seemed to be far away from my blogging friends. At work I managed my lunch time to blog hop but the silly fire wall never showed any pictures in the blogs. Also my blog was not accessible but rest of others were atleast accessible. Don’t know why ..anybody friends please educate me.

Somehow when I decided on what to click for this month’s edition CLICK Coffee and Tea this is one of long cherished wish. When I first read about it in delicious days I was bit reluctant to try but now is the time.

And then my CLICKing fairy turned away 😦 Yes, the gelatin I had at home for making the coffee jello turned waste. Then I started hunting the local super markets. I don’t what happened but every single shop said “out of stock”. After some 2 days of hunting I finally dropped my idea and started thinking of a new theme. Appa was almost cursing me to waste 1 large cup of strong brewed coffee 😦 Somehow the fairy got pity on me and when my brother went for jogging on Sunday morning I wanted him to check in the near by super market near the park. He finally gave me a good news and I was almost over joyed. I made the jello and has kept it in the refrigerator to set. Mean while typing this post. I don’t know how good it will turn as the sky is gloomy and I don’t expect any good light. This time planning to do some indoor lighting and experimenting. Will write about it after the jelly sets.

Oh no! The jelly was set now but when I decorated it with some fresh cream and before I settled down with a good angle it all started melting and the dark brown liquid made up an ugly mess on the white plate.
I immediately dropped the idea of clicking it and started gulping the jello. I made a mistake with the sweetness as the strong bitter taste of the coffee was too much for my sweet tooth and hence sprinkled some sugar over it. What to say ? Its simply fabulous. I would make it again for sure. Would post that ugly photo sometime later

Now what should I CLICK ? Today morning I took the snap of the steaming hot filter coffee my dear appa makes for me in the morning., He had brought some coffee beans from the shop where he buys coffee powder for the “effect” and finally I CLICKed!

Here it is! Hope I have done some justice for the wonderful coffee appa makes !


12 comments on “Morning Coffee – CLICK July 2008

  1. what planning and strategy for one shot!!! it’s nice to hear that. thank you for taking the effort and for a lovely click. please thank your appa too on our behalf.

  2. things like these happen on and off but I like ur click!

  3. O poor you…job changes & no connection is not good news. Nice CLICK Nirmala. Was great to read your message. Blogging is fun!! take care girl. Wish I’d bumped into you earlier; just back from Chennai in June! Ciao for now

  4. That’s a really cute photo, and a really cute appa!

  5. looks fabulous dear…

  6. now that sounds like one hard work to click for click 😉

  7. I could actually picture the whole thing in my head as I kept reading. Sorry about the jello. Sometimes the end result is not like the way we envisioned it. But still nothing like your Appa’s coffee.So enjoy.

  8. photo looks awesome….very nice photo & coffee!

  9. Liked ur plans and startagy for the event and its worth it.. nice click. i loved reading ur rants really cool and i know how does it feel when u cant blog…

  10. amazing planning.. Very nice click..

  11. Hi Nirmala,

    There is an award waiting for you in my site.www.fewminutewonders.com. Enzoy!

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