Coconut spice cake – AFAM Coconut

Coconut is my favorite fruit (@#$#$) ! I am glad to post something for Suganya’s wonderful event.

The cake takes the basic pound cake recipe from joyofbaking.com. I added the below:

Dessicated coconut – 1 cup

Milk – 1 cup

Nutmeg + Cinnamon powder – 1 tea spoon

And substituted the icing sugar with dameara sugar.

It was a perfect cake with a hint of crunchy coconut. Enjoyed every bit of it!


19 comments on “Coconut spice cake – AFAM Coconut

  1. Hi!!!!!
    The cake looks delicious!!!! nice idea!!!!!

  2. looks great… haven’t liked sweet coconut except in Nice biscuits… must try though

  3. Nirmala, the cake looks moist…I love coconut in cakes too 🙂

  4. The cake looks so moist Nirmala..Nice twist to the basic pound cake

  5. The cake looks so moist Nirmala..Nice twist to the basic pound cake

  6. Wow Nirmala, thats a very nice cake you have there ! I love coconut flavor in cakes:)

  7. nimi..that cake looks so yummy!..next time no excuse you better bake something for me without egg!

  8. coconut cake looks delicious..nice photo

  9. That cake looks delicious!! Coconut in anything is great as far as I’m concerned! 🙂

  10. beautifulll looking cake nirmala

  11. hey that luks so perfect and yummy and i agree with you that coconut is a fav.

  12. i wondered how u baked cake w/o any flour and then only to scroll back and see that these were ‘extra’ addtion to poud cake 😀 looks lovely nirmala…

  13. perfect looking cake.. i love coconuts in anything….

  14. that looks like a perfectly baked cake! 🙂

  15. Have never tried making a cake with coconut in it.Yours looks yummy !!

  16. Would love a slice of that…..looks delish…

  17. Hi Ni! Just tried mailing you, the mail bounced back – how are you?

  18. hi nirmala,cake looks so yummy

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