I hate bitter gourd; You Love bitter gourd – Pitha Dehis

On the series the “Pitha Dehis” come as the next number. You can classify tall, thin people mostly as pitha dominating constitution and the below features would help you for classifiying properly.

Pitha Dehis will have the following features and characters

  1. There bile secretion would be higher than other dehis
  2. They have less tissues in joints and bones
  3. They always feel heat and sweating
  4. Presence of body odor
  5. The skin texture will be shrunken
  6. They have a complexion of mixed yellow and red shades with a glowing face
  7. Their face, palms and toes will be pinkish and yellowish
  8. They have thin eye lashes
  9. When they are exposed to Sun, or experience hunger, anger or drink alcohol their eyes redden quickly
  10. They have a brownish hair color
  11. There will be less hair in the body
  12. They have grey hair, moles and pimples
  13. They have affinity towards sweet, bitter, tart tasting food and cold food.
  14. They are usually poor eaters
  15. They have intolerance for heat, hunger, anger, thirst and fear
  16. They like to wear fragrant flowers (like garlands), applying Sandal over their body etc
  17. If the person is a male, their quantity of semen will be less
  18. They have less libido towards the opposite sex
  19. They have less affinity towards the opposite sex
  20. The person will be brave, ready to face enemies, respect, and discipline. He does good deeds and very kind to his fellow beings.
  21. The person dreams about flowery trees, lightning, Sun, wind, flooded light.
  22. The person will be learnt and honorable
  23. The person is more vital than the Vadha dehi and the life span will be around 65 years (if you consider normal life span is 100 yrs)

4 comments on “I hate bitter gourd; You Love bitter gourd – Pitha Dehis

  1. very interesting mimi!..

  2. very informative.Keep educating folks like us….Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting info, Nirmala! 🙂

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