A Bean Pond – CLICK May 2008

Beans and Lentils were this month’s CLICK event’s theme.The gassy event as described by the hosts turns out to be colorful and wonderful as enthusiastic participants post their entries. Every day I visit the image gallery for new arrivals and its a treat to my eyes to see the several CLICKs for the event. Much awaited ones were yet to come I suppose 😉

After dreaming, thinking and finally screwing up with my imagination and creativity (huh ?? ) I settled down with the following CLICK. I floated few yellow soya beans on tiny leaves in a porcelain plate filled with water. Also floated few flowers to create the “pond” effect. I tried floating small jasmine flowers but they refused to stand up right instead started swimming in the little pond. But these flowers (they were called “sangu pushpam” as their shape resembles shells) floated nicely on the surface. I actually dreamed a pond CLICK in the moon light but my poor photgraphic intelligence refused to cooperate with my humble camera settings. So did the same in daylight!

This is my entry for the monthly food photgraphy event CLICK hosted by dear Jai and Bee.


11 comments on “A Bean Pond – CLICK May 2008

  1. hey this looks nice,,u have succedded in creating pond effect,..

  2. wowy.. what an idea.. this is beautiful..

  3. That looks lovely – you really have a great imagination! 🙂

  4. beautiful click!…very creative

  5. Love ur imagination and creativity Nirmala..Beautiful entry

  6. Thats very creative of you. Lovely picture :)..

  7. very creative nirmala…

  8. Creative click, the pond n floating beans wt flowers for company..very elegant!

  9. great entry for click nirmala

  10. thank you for a fart-worthy entry. 😀

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