Jewelled Mango – Food Art Mango Manthram

When dear Indira called for this event I am really exceited for 2 reasons. The first one the theme being my favorite fruit. And the second one is my interest in these kind of arts. During childhood whenever I do not have any work my mind starts its work.

Myself and my sister would cut this, paste that and create lots and lots of junk a.k.a articrafts. My sis is an ardent collector of articles that are useful for this. She had a box which got transported in every single house-shifting (almost 30 to 40 times) full of these “goodies”. She would have broken bangles, chains and beads that were broken, color papers that come as gift wrappers, broken pieces of plastic articles and what not ?

She has that weird habit of collecting these. Once she was about 2 years old when walking in the street with a piece of cake in her right hand and amma holding her left hand, on seeing a bright colored piece of paper on the pathway, she is more than happy to drop the cake and pick it as she could not get her left hand from amma’s stubborn hold 😉 So much is her passion.
So what do we do with these “goodies” ? Whenever there is a b’day or an anniversary in the family myself and my sis would get ourselves locked in a room with the “box of treasure” open and start ticking our “creative minds”. As soon as an idea is formed we would start cutting, pasting painting etc and finally our own gift for the occasion would be ready. This is how we saved money on gifts for our family members and friends.

So Indira’s call for an event kindled all these sweet memories and I made a soft toy in the shape of a mango and studded it with artificial stones. The shape did not come quiet as a mango as my sister was busy with her kid I could not take her help. She is the draftsman for all our gift ideas as she would do perfect measurements and cuts. So Indira please forgive if its not looking like a mango 🙂

This is my entry for Mango manthram the food art event.
I made this with the smallest piece of cloth just 6 inch x 6 inch size. You can scale it up to big cushions and make artistic furnishings with this idea. Else a bunch of such mangoes can be made and hung in a string on the ceiling as a decorative piece.


15 comments on “Jewelled Mango – Food Art Mango Manthram

  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. What a beautiful work of mango art, dear Nirmala! It may be tiny but I believe it has the power to transport me to mango land, like Aladdin’s magic carpet. 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful contribution.

  3. this is so cute… and I can’t believe your sis is like me!!

  4. Looks lovely nirmala..and very much like those designs in sarees!

  5. Looks like a beautiful silk saree design .Hats off to your creativity..

  6. Looks beautiful Nirmala…I will send u mail

  7. very creative,..come out real nice,..

  8. That looks beautiful Nirmala! very creative indeed:)

  9. the soft toy looks beautiful nirmala

  10. Looks so cute, N……bet the kids loved it…..

  11. Jewelled Mango looks good.

  12. That does look like mangoes, and cute jewels… Great job Nirmala!

  13. Good Job! It looks beautiful. A great way to recycle leftover fabrics.

  14. It sure looks good nirmala!!!!!wow…mango soft toy!!!!!who could think of that…..beautiful

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