I hate bitter gourd; You love bitter gourd – Vadha Dhehi

The Vadham, Pitham and Kabham are called as thri doshas in Sidda Medicine. All human beings in this world has a body constitution made out of these three doshas. The composition varies as such but the basic qualities these doshas create in a human are determined too early. Yes it when the zygote is formed. Isn’t it surprising to know that you will be a moody person or a quirk who will catch a fight with any person in the corner of the street for odd reasons is determined on the second your first seed is created ?

But that’s the truth and Siddha conceptualizes this so beautifully and prescribes how one should have a lifestyle which could match his / her body constitution so that he can live a humble and not-harming his fellow beings both physically and mentally.


Vitiations in the doshas are created when our food and life style become excess or deficient. For example over eating, stressful work etc will increase the amount vatham/pitham/khabam in your body.

To start with I shall write about the Vadha dhehis (as they are called) in this post. 

  • Vadha dominates the pitham and kabham doshas.
  • These were tall and thin people.They have large thighs
  • A knuckling sound is heard in there joints when they walk
  • They have thick eyelashes and round and large eyes. The pupil will be whitish in color
  • They have a black and white mixed up glowing complexion. To be more specific the shades will not have any tints of pink or red. Hope u got it J
  • They have black split hair.
  • Their words are of great clarity i.e., when they speak they put together apt words in apt places to convey the matter crisp and clear. But during anxiety their words will not be fluent.
  • They have a cool sight. To explain more some people will show softness and kindness when they look at you.
  • They have little affinity towards sweet, sour, salty and hot food. They dislike cold items.
  • They over eat but have less vitality.
  • They have less affinity towards the opposite sex.
  • If male their semen production is less.
  • They will have more wards. (The above statement and this one might sound contradictive but the meaning is good powerful siblings are created by people who have more vitality. Now you get it right ?)
  • The manliness / femininity, common-sense, emotions will be unstable.
  • They like sports, music. They love to laugh insolently at other. (Given a chance they are arrogant enough to laugh at people who suffer).
  • They like body massage, hunting a lot.
  • They were less efficient.
  • Given a chance they will create enemies every day. (You would have seen people creating unnecessary arguments in shops provoking the shop owner with every single word till the person refuses to continue trading with them. From that moment they would make a point to skip that shop even though its just around the corner of their street but would walk a mile to the next shop).
  • These people would never earn fame and reputation in their life but would crave for.
  • They would never give away a penny to the needy
  • They love to possess precious things
  • They have shallow sleep with half closed eyes.
  • Their dreams would show themselves walking on hills, forests and in the sky.
  • They were poetic in nature.

 The above points were translated from Siddha literature. Hence I have added few examples to explain things more appropriately. My sister gave all the points and yours truly just translated them.

 Another important point to note is this post and the next two would explain the three dhehis (vatham, pitham and kabham). These characteristics were for the “purists” i.e. a “Vatha only” dhehi etc. But usually this won’t be the case as the constitution has one dominating dosha and another secondary dosha which could pull down some of the traits.

More on the combinations in this series.


10 comments on “I hate bitter gourd; You love bitter gourd – Vadha Dhehi

  1. Interesting post Nirmala!…will read again to understand better!..

  2. “They have little affinity towards sweet, sour, salty and hot food. They dislike cold items.” – so what do these vadhas like anyway?

  3. As srivalli said i have to read few more times ( poor of me) to understand better.Very useful one Nirmala

  4. that was too heavy for me to get it at one go….have to read it once more…..nice one though

  5. Nice Post Nirmala. Must be very useful to everyone. My father used to told me about this vadham, pitham, kabam. In your post I can really see a lot of new words and you have described it very nicely.

  6. Nirmala….firts time at your blog and you have a lot of information….i am bookmarking your post to read and understand better 🙂

  7. Interesting post…to understand it fully though, a lot of research into siddha is needed…

  8. Wow… Very informative post, Nirmala! Look forward to reading more abt the other doshas and learning more abt siddha. 🙂

  9. Wow. I remember reading these a long time back. I wasn’t even sure if anybody else would read it. I am so glad that you are giving the spotlight Siddha deserves. Keep them coming. I kinda know what dhehi I am, as told by my Grandpa. Beware, I will cross-verify :p

  10. Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a glass of beer to the person from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

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