Amma’s special turns 1 and my 100th Post

It all began in a google search (sigh! the same old story) and I stumbled upon Mahanandi some one and half years back. I was sick at that time for months which made my taste buds numb. I started trying out recipes from Mahanandi and the first one is “Baby potatoes in chilli tamarind sauce”. It made my tastebuds back to life and the interest in searching for recipes and trying out them at home brought me out of my sick mood. Slowly my health came back to normal as I started eating well. From Indira’s food blog list I got in to Sia, Sra, Jai and Bee, Ammupatti’s thoughts, Asha, Mathy, Sailu, Archana (Spicyana), Sandeepa, Inji Pennu, Anjali, Jyothsna, Meeta, Raaga, Sig, Neivedyam, LivetoCook etc. These were the people whose blogs were visited regularly. I never seen the comment link (dumbo me) for the first six months as even though I used to read their posts never bothered to comment. Once I accidentally clicked on the comment link in Mahanandi and thenI started posting comment.

There were so many reasons for every foodie to start their own blog and mine should be the funniest one. I was so crazy about Indira and when I posted my first comment on her web page the link asked for a url and I immediately registered one (a random thought about the name and the title) and completed the comment.

The next day I entered into the settings page of my blog and slowly started setting it up with the theme I liked and wrote the About page. It all happened on May 9th and I posted two recipes on the same day. I did not have any photographs (even till now haven’t posted any). My first and second posts are still virgin as I did not have a single comment for it till date 😉

Then in the month of June JFI Jackfruit was announced and I posted my entry. Bee was the first one to comment in my blog and Sia the next when I left a comment in the dining hall.

And then burst out my interest for baking. I bought my simple OTG and started trying out several recipes of cakes, cookies etc.

Now I am a regular reader of my favorite buddies along with the above list Srivalli, Suganya, Kamini, Lakshmi, Kamini, Jayashree, Arundhathi, Rachel, Lavi, Kamalika, Bharathy, Namratha, Nags, Sunita, Bhags, Arundhathi, Renuka, Kamala etc.

Every single comment, every little increase in the page hits, every reply to my mails (was not able to post my comment in few sites and hence used to send mails to them) had made great changes in my life. The food blog world has influenced my life by relieving my stress, making me to eat properly (none of my freinds would ever believe that I would be a foodie as I am such a fussy and poor eater). Apart from all of these my love to my Amma has increased several times as I started recording her recipes here. She was so happy when there is a place in which her siblings and coming generation could find her talents.

Bee turned to be truly inspirational for my amateur CLICKs. Thanks dear!

And the series I started “I hate Bitter gourd; You love Bitter gourd” is the only new thing from my side.

And Thanks to every single soul for making such a difference in my life. A simple celebration of my blog’s first anniversary with a rose milk payasam (recipe to be posted soon).

Last week I found I am nearing the 100 post count and thats the reason for my racing to reach the target on this day. And now Sra and Bhags u know the reason 😉 And this is my 100th post!
I will be blogging until I can!


33 comments on “Amma’s special turns 1 and my 100th Post

  1. Ni, congratulations. I would never have imagined that you were a novice baker!

    ‘Virgin’ posts? 😀 😀 Is that blog jargon or your coinage? 😀

  2. And where is your About page?

  3. Nirmala, yours is a truly wonderful blog! I came here through Indira’s and was surprised to know that it was just few months old! Well you have come a long way from being a novice baker!

    and trust sra to highlight those points! :))

    yeah I was wondering for a girl who wouldn’t post until asked, you have been on a rat race. Good thing…now let me go check out that roti mela post!..:)

  4. Sra, Thanks dear for u’re wishes! I have added the About page link (after a year 😉 ). And I simply coined that word. Sounds naughty right ?

    Valli, Thanks for u’re wishes. Yeah truly a rat race. Yesterday I made the roti and creampuff to post it today 🙂

  5. Congratulations on completing a year. My blog also turned one last week. 🙂

  6. congrats! i hope you’ll continue the rat race till the next 100! 🙂

  7. Congrats on ur 1st century! 🙂
    i have still a long way to go to complete my 100 posts. i just love ur blog.. u have developed ur blog so well.. thats an inspiration for me.

  8. NJ, congrats on your blogversary and your hundredth post…it’s been a pleasure to have known you…wish you many more years of blogging 🙂

  9. I enjoyed reading this post! Congrts on the 100th post and keep going strong!

    And yes your first post is no more a “virgin”…I said nothing..you coined the term!!

  10. malligai poo, jeriga podavai – all for one photo!!!! 😀 – Amma’s Special is truly 1. now let me check out those virgin posts.

  11. Now I understood your reason for being blogging overtime for the last few days…..Congratulation to your and Amma’s Special for the anniversary and ofcourse for the 100 posts…….and now I am going back to check out that virgin post….:P

  12. Congrats on your bloggiversary….I did think you were on a roll the last few days and now I know why :-))

  13. Nirmala congratulations to your blog anniversary and 100th post.

  14. Happy 100th post and happy Mothers day to you. Nirmala. I made one of dishes last week, was very delcious.Thank you so much. I have linked at FH!:))

  15. Congrats Nirmala.Thanks for honoring me.I too visited all the blogs for long time ,but didnt comment. I first visited urs on ur first bloggers meet post.Still a long way to go for me.

  16. dear nirmala,
    my hearty congratulations for completing wonderful year of blogging and also hitting 100th post 😀 u do know how dear ur blog is to me right? wishing u many more years of happy blogging.

  17. Congrats on completing a year and on your 100th post..may you post many many more!!!

  18. congratulations on a beautiful blog. it’s one of my favourites. and i must say i look forward to your CLICKs each month. they are unique and get better and better.

  19. Congrads Nirmala..My First Visit To your Blog started off with Kashayam’s for Pregnant ladies. I was so impressed with week by week kashayam’s.

    Keep Going…

  20. Congrats on your 100th posts… wish many more NJ !

  21. Nirmala, My heartiest congratulations on your blog day. Your blog is close to my heart and my cooking. I enjoy my visit every single time. Congrats on the 100 mark too. Wishing you more and more of all good things 🙂

  22. Oh wow! Congrats on completing a super duper year and reaching a 100!My best wishes for 1000’s more 🙂

  23. congrats on reaching ur 100th post.Your blog truly rocks..

  24. Hey, Congrats on your 100th post and happy anniversary.

  25. Congratulations Nirmala, glad to see your 100th post. Wish u many more!! 🙂 It is interesting to know how this blog came about. Love those jasmine flowers in the pic.

  26. 🙂 that was one of the best n humble post i have read.. congrats … and i love that part of urs .. working overtime to hit 100.. congo once again…

  27. Congrats on your one year anniversary and 100th post! What a milestone!! Paal payasam is a wonderful way to celebrate and the color is just perfect. Lovely jasmine flowers, too. Love to you and your Amma for sharing so many delights with all of us! 🙂

  28. Congrats on the double milestones Nirmala… I love my visits here, love your space, the colors, the layouts, the recipes everything… Keep up the great job…
    and thanks for visitng me and leaving comments even when they end up in the spam folder.. Before I clean out my spam folder, I search for “Nirmala” , it has become a habit these days 😀

  29. Thanks a lot for all your lovely wishes! I was counting each every word and you won’t know how much its lifting my spirits!

  30. Hey Nirmala, What a lovely post… I know what you mean about discovering the beautiful world of food blogging. Ditto with me. Congratulations and soon we should be celebrating the 1000th post too. By the way, a beautiful picture. I loved the malli poo touch.

  31. Nice photo. Like K has said – I think it is the malli! Congrats on completing a year. I started this pongal. Do visit 🙂

  32. Congrats. That is a great story and I love Indira too.

    she is an inspiration to most people who know her.

  33. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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