Nool khol karamani poriyal – Kohlrabi with black eyed beans

Its a rare combination for me. When amma was soaking karamani (black-eyed beans) I was thinking about a kulambu but when she started chopping Knool khol/Kohlrabi together I was wondering whats this new combo?
But this turned to be yet another yummy side dish. Soaking the beans is the only prerequisite and otherwise its a jiffy one to make. When served with rice or roti this becomes an unusual yet nutritious combination.
Knool khl / Kohlrabi – skinned and chopped to bite sized pieces 1 cup
Black eyed beans – soaked and cooked to fork tender 1 cup
Sambar podi – 1 tea spoon (substitute with 1/2 tea spoon chilli powder and 1/2 tea spoon coriander powder)
Salt – as per taste
Garlic – crushed 1 tea spoon
Peanut oil – 1 T spoon

How to make it?
In a thick bottomed skillet heat the peanu oil and once it is hot add the crushed garlic. Saute till they turn golden brown and add the cooked beans to this. Add the sambar podi, salt and saute till the raw smell of sambar podi goes off. Add the knool khol and add 1/4 cup of water and the salt. Mix well and cover and cook over medium heat till all the water evaporates. Open the lid and saute till the curry becomes dry. Switch off the stove and garnish with coriander leaves.

The garlic aids easy digestion of the beans and the knool kkh


7 comments on “Nool khol karamani poriyal – Kohlrabi with black eyed beans

  1. I should try this… never seemed to like knolkhol for some vague reason.

  2. Mmm…i love nool khol! lol!! this sounds delicious!

  3. Different combi.should have to try

  4. seems u r on a blogging spree…with so many posts coming out in one day……the pics seems real nice and quaint

  5. Different combination of vegetables. Looks yummy! 🙂

  6. I love karamani. Wonderful pictures Nirmala. You have a surprise waiting for u in our blog. Check it out!!

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