Chennai Blogger’s meet

When myself, Lakshmi and Srivalli met some months ago we could hardly part by the end of the day. And how would it be if some 10 of us meet ? I thought a day won’t be enough but somehow managed. You all would have read about it here, here and here and few more too. Let me not miss out narrating the most enchanting event in Chennai ;).

When Srivalli compiled a list of bloggers to meet my first surprise is to find Sra lives in Chennai. And so many girls around ? I am more than happy to meet them all. Lakshmi being the humble host published the menu too. We all opted one dish to bring for the potluck. I am more curious on the taste of the food we bring than the people as Sra’s father’s comments made me think so 😉

But none of the lovely ones made me dissapointed. As they blog lovely recipes they cook them so deliciously and when they served it with utmost care during the meet that was simple heaven in the scorching hot Chennai now.

We started with Rachel’s olive oil bread and I have never tasted home made berad other than the hard pillows I have tried before. The first bite made me close my eyes. Its bursting with flavour and the spongy bread is a wonderful satarter. Rachel I was dreaming about this berad for the past 2 days 😉

Kamini’s aloo tikkis were a treat when dipped in the red and green chutneys she made to send them inside. I had it on its own.

Sra being the louder participant she managed the humour and “make-us-feel-at-home” very well. She’s a lovely person as lovely as her paneer gravy. the spongy paneer cooked in a cashew gravy was a mouthful of treat when wrapped up in a piece fo the soft naans that Lakshmi made.

Arundhathi’s lace like idiappams when paired with sweet and sour mango kalan took me to the clouds. They wer eso very nice dear! And after very lobg time I tasted home made idiappams.

Dear SriValli made the enchanting Chana puloa with a raita. When she opened the container the aroma filled the entire room. Wonderful Valli!

Then we ended up with Laskmi’s creamy, chill curd rice studded with ruby red pomogranetes. A wonderful way to finish up the food.

Now coming to the dessert part there were upteen number of items. Jaysree’s Chakavaraty payasam was a sweet treat and Lavi’s spongy rasagulla’s were soft little pillows. I have never eaten such spongy ones before. Kamalika’s chakrai pongal is another authentic dish. I made some florentines (would post the recipe link soon) and am glad that everybody liked it.

Srivalli gave us coconut barfis and Arundhathi a wonderful banana bread to end up the show.

Bharathy and Renuka took lotsa efforts to meet us all.

To sum up lovely looking people, cooked lovely dishes and served them with the warmth of love and care. We need to meet again for longer time again !


14 comments on “Chennai Blogger’s meet

  1. 🙂 Thank you – that was a beautiful post!

  2. Not bad – you can write (Oops, I see a small lady coming behind me with a belan).

    I should have taken more florentines – they got over the very same day.

  3. Ni, it was a pleasure meeting the vivacious you. Thanks for the lovely words about me, and for telling the whole world I’m the “louder” one 😦 LOL! Actually, you could have gone right ahead and said I was the loudest! It WAS true 😀

    The Spouse is standing behind me as I read this and announcing to the walls that what you’ve written is wrong, and that my paneer gravy is lovelier than me!

    We should meet again soon – thanks for this v nice post.

  4. hahahah…sra ensures to get the last laugh…nice summation Nirmala..thanks

  5. Nice post Nirmala.Want to meet u all on my next visit to India

  6. Nice post! Dreaming about ladenia 😀 I had fun meeting the chirpy you as well….

  7. Wow Wow Wow !! ENjoy girls

  8. Great post Nirmala… Been reading about all the fun and great food in different blogs… And those Florentines just sound wonderful..

  9. wow..nice post..seem u all really enjoyed.//

  10. Nirmala..your narration was so good.. iam really glad that i got a friend close to my home.

    i have been thinking..why did i miss the florentine’s.. thou i had nearly 4..i should have brought some on my hand:)

  11. Wow!! Almost feel like I was there, too. So glad you gals had such a wonderful time! 🙂

  12. No ‘photoshop’ed photos this time? 😉

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