Honey I CLICKed it!

Atlast I fianlly settled down with an element for this month’s CLICK Au Naturel These duos really make me crazy every month announcing wonderful themes kindering my imagination to unknown extremes. I CLICK wonderful pictures in my imagination and when finally settle down with the camera and elements to take real ones, I feel something is missing and when I finally see the picture I definitely feel something very big is missing. Once I find whats that missing thing I would eventually be the winner 😉

Enough of ranting and here’s picture.

I placed a drop of honey on an edible rose petal. These two were key ingredients for Gulkhand. Howzat looking ?


21 comments on “Honey I CLICKed it!

  1. it’s looking Fabulous!!

  2. It looks so beautiful ..
    hugs and smiles

  3. Look’s so pretty Nirmala..Fantastic idea..

  4. wow wow…just tooo lovely!..this is already a winner!

  5. Its one beauty. Looks so cute and fabulous . Love it . Nice entry to CLICK.

  6. This is amasing Nirmala

  7. Such an innovative and original idea. Good Job Nirmala.

  8. What an amazing click!!

  9. Tooo pretty the gulkhand ingredients

  10. Nice idea nirmala…nice photography…

  11. Looks really sweet, Nirmala! 🙂

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