In memory of La Sa Ra – a Moong dal with a twist

There are a few writers who were foodies by nature. When they talk about the characters in their novels they create situation involving food and cooking. I love to read them whenever I am hungry 😉 Crazy right ?

One of my favorite writer is La_Sa_Ra and in one of his novels he had described a moon light dinner party. Every single item served in that party were usual ones but with a unique and winning twist which he explains wonderfully. One among is a simple moong dal served with soft chapathis. Its an ordinary dal with onions, tomatoes and ginger and garlic but there are few twists. It has crisply fried cashewnuts, fresh green peas here and there and grated green mangoes for a tangy touch.

When it happened for an early coming back home last friday night I was thinking about this and the craving started immediately. As soon as I came home to my surprise amma had cooked moong dal and was waiting for me to do the tadka to serve with dosas. Almost half the work done I settled down with rotis. Made the dough for rotis and started with this dal.

I knew I have all the ingredients in hand (even raw mango ;)). Here comes ther recipe! Moong dal with a twist!

Ingredients: 1 cup cooked moong dal till soft

Ginger grated – 1 teaspoon

Onion chopped – 1/4 cup

Tomatoes chopped – 1/4 cup

Coriander chopped – 2 T spoon

Green chillies – 2 (slit vertically)

Fresh green peas – a handful

Cashew nuts chopped – 2 T spoon

Grated raw mango (grate along with the skin) – 2 T spoon

Peanut oil for taalipu

mustard + cumin seeds  – 1/2 tea spoon

How to make it?

In the thick bottomed wide skillet heat the peanut oil. Once hot add the mustard and cumin seeds. When they start popping up add the grated ginger and green chillies and saute for a minute. Add the chopped onions and saute till soft. Now add the tomatoes and cook till mushy. Add the green pease and saute for 2 minutes. Now add the cooked moong dal. Add some water at this stage till you get the consistency of the dal you wish to be. Add required salt too. Let it cook until the green peas are cooked. In the meantime fry the cashew nuts till golden brown in a spoon of oil, drain and keep aside. Once the dal is done switch off the stove and add the grated green mango and fried cashews and garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve them with warm rotis! The crispy cahsewnuts and the tangy crunchy mango pieces were great while eating the dal. It tasted exactly as I imagined while I read the novel! A hearty meal!


9 comments on “In memory of La Sa Ra – a Moong dal with a twist

  1. you are not crazy, I can well imagine that..that bowl with roti looks yummy…great one..and great hobby too…

  2. My husband is also a fan of La.Sa.Ra.

    The way you have explained also made me to crave.
    i do the same way..but i add lemon juice for the tangy flavour. adding peas is a nice idea.

  3. Great recipe! Love the idea of adding mango with dal, peas make it so colorful! Nice one, Nirmala! 🙂

  4. Adding mango is a tangy twist. I love the platter of roti and dhal, it is really mouth watering.

  5. Geez Nirmala, I’ve never heard anyone mention LaSaRa in recent times, except my father.

  6. The way you’ve mentioned it sure makes it sound delicious….

  7. La Sa Ra – haven’t heard his name being mentioned in a while. My mom used to read his books. Thanks for reminding me of him. The dhal looks delicious.

  8. Thats a nice write up i never read any book from this guy.. lovely plate wth filled recipes.

  9. 🙂 its strange as how we crave for particular dish just when we read abt it 🙂

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