Poondu milagai podi and Oven roasted Garlicky legumes – JFI Garlic

When Mathy started blogging after a break I am more than happy to see her “come back” post. And that too with a lovely ingredient for Jhiva and that is none other than the fabulous garlic. This is the all timer in Indian kitchen and we have it almost everyday.

The toor dal we cook, the rasam we make will for sure have this. Among all other ways of consuming this wonderful ingredient, this is our family’s favorite. Also only this way we have it raw. Almost a year back when I discovered somebody else too is a fan of this combination I am really overwhelmed.

But again we use our home made Sambar podi and not pure chilli powder which will be fiery hot. We have it as a side for spongy idlis usually mixed in gingelly oil. It makes a wonderful combo and we love it with piping hot idlis.



10 cloves of garlic with skin

Required salt

3 Table spoon of Sambar podi

How to make it?

Take all the ingredients and pund them till the garlic turns to a roughly coarse paste mixed with the sambar podi. Mix with gingelly oil and have it with hot idlis. 


Since Mathy wanted 2 recipes one with raw and another with cooked garlic this one is for the raw garlic.

My experiments with my humble OTG continued this weekend. I soaked a handful of each dried green peas, black-eyed beans, brown peas and soya beans. After some good 2 hours drained it and spread on a towel to remove excess water. Then spread it in a thick bottomed baking pan and pushed it in the oven. Stirring it once in a while when almost half done (around 10 minutes) a sprnkled 1 teaspoon of peanu oil along with the above Poondu milagai podi and tossed well to coat the legumes. Roasted for another 10 minutes till they were crispy and it turned to be simply great.


The roasted galic flakes gave a wonderful flavor for these crispy legumes and it turned to be a great snack with a cup of tea. Amma loved it very much. Since I was experimenting the roasting with legumes in OTG I tried very little quantity and will soon do it larger batches as this would be a healthy snacks at home.

The above two are my entries for JFI-Garlic hosted by our dear Mathy.


7 comments on “Poondu milagai podi and Oven roasted Garlicky legumes – JFI Garlic

  1. Hey this is such a nice recipe.. must be tasting really good.

  2. Haven’t ever tasted poondu molaga podi, N…..nice one.

  3. Nice entries…we too have the same..

  4. i havent tried this before. sounds interesting!

  5. toasted crisp legumes?? awesome.

  6. THe second recipe sounds too great..Love it

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