I hate bitter gourd; You love bitter gourd – I

This is the first episode of the “I hate bitter gourd; You love bitter gourd” series. Thanks to all my fellow foodies who gave a hearty welcome when I wrote about this series a week ago.

As an introduction this post shall discuss about what defines a person’s constitution and what defines individual’s taste.

Siddha says every thing in this world is made up of “The Pancha Boodham”. The pancha (five) bootham are:

1. Earth (mann)
2. Water (Neer)
3. Wind (Kaatru)
4. Sky (Aagayam)
5. Fire (Nerupu)

Each of the above has its own properties.

Earth element: Volume, Persistence, Mass and Smell
Water element: Mass, Fluidity, Cool, Taste
Fire element : Dryness, Sharpness, Heat, Purity, Light, Clarity
Wind element: Lightness, Purity, Dryness
Sky element :Clarity, Purity, Sound

The 6 tastes are listed as Sweet, Tart, Bitter, Salty, Hot, Tangy.

The composition of the pancha boodham created various tastes.

Earth + Water =  Sweet
Earth + Fire = Tangy
Water + Fire = Salty
Wind + Sky = Bitter
Wind + Fire = Hot
Earth + Wind = Tart

All these listings might get you boring but you wonder “what is in it for me?”All the tastes as said above are various combinations of the Pancha Boodham. Every human body in turn is made of the same and that defines an individual’s body constitution.

The next post in the series will explain the Vatha, Pitha Kaba constitutions. After which you would be able to find your own body constitution and the above listed compositions of tastes would make you realize why you like a particular taste and why you hate some.

A sweet taste if it comes from a Rasagulla would act differently in your body from the one comes from a pomegranate fruit. The various tastes when reaches the body during assimilation changes to some other taste. For example when eaten Honey tastes sweet but when it reaches the body it acts as a bitter tasting food would. Siddha says “Then naavirku Inipu, Udaluku Kaipu” i.e., Honey is sweet to the tongue but bitter to the body and hence it is recommended for diabetic patients too.

Enough of it for the kick-off post. The next post will contain details about body constitution and mapping that to the pancha boodham.


8 comments on “I hate bitter gourd; You love bitter gourd – I

  1. hey thats a very nice information..

  2. Really? Honey tastes sweet on the tongue…but turns bitter by the time it reaches the stomach??? Hmm….didn’t know that.

  3. Thats great information Nirmala, looking forward to the series. Thanks to your sister and you for writing this..

  4. Wonderful Information…will look out for more. thanks.


  5. That’s a great information. Didn’t know honey is good for diabetics.

  6. very informative!1 Id definitely like to know my body constitution !!

  7. Interesting read…Honey actually being good for diabetics is very informative…

  8. Great info – by the way, the bittergourd taste bitter on the tongue when it reaches ur stomach what it would be? Just curiosity …

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