Chocolate brownie with Dulce de leche (From David Lebovitz)

Do you remember the can of Dulce de leche I made few days ago ? Half of the can was lying in the fridge and that went into this delicious chocolate brownie this weekend. David Lebovitz has made this and nicely decribed it here. No wonder it was the same as he described even though I played with the flour substituting half of the AP flour with a blend of oats powder and corn flour.

When I took it out of the oven after the prescribed 35 mins of baking the center part was still giggling but the sides were already pulling apart the pan menaing further baking would burn it for sure. So I timidly waited for around 15-20 minutes for the cake to cool down. And as I doubted the Dulce de leche had created that giggling effect and when I inserted a knife in the center of the cake it came out little sticky because of the intense chocolate that went in to it.


But it was heavenly. Very choclaty, little goey in the middle nad simply superb. So, Citizen and Country men! I have decided to make all my brownies this way herein after 🙂

Since it turned to be good now I shall reveal all the playing I done with the ingredients. Actually I made a chocolate tart for my elder one. Bought some readymade mini tart shells and filled them with the basic whipped cream + chocolate ganache. I drizzled some whipped cream to make spider web patterns (actually he wanted a spider man cake-thats who he calls it) and I hoaxed him with this. He is quiet satisfied though 😉

More than half of the ganache I made was leftover. So I decided to use it in this brownie. For the required 170g os chocolate to be melted in butter I used only 100g of chocolate melted in butter and the rest was this ganache. This gave a very creamy choclatey taste than from the bit drier version of my usual brownies. Also as specified above the 1 cup flour is substituted with 1/2 cup AP flour + 1/4 cup corn flour + 1/4 cup Oats powder. Also I skipped the nuts part even though would love it. As the kids spit them out every time 😦

And this gave me this wonderful brownie! I would recommend all chocolate lovers to try this version. I bet you’ll be fallen for the taste.


8 comments on “Chocolate brownie with Dulce de leche (From David Lebovitz)

  1. nice one…tut tut..cheating a baby like that..now I want that spider man cake to be made too…:)..

  2. I love moistness in brownies!

  3. Whoa! thats for me 😀
    One last bite!! nice recipe!

  4. Looks gorgeous, Nirmala! 🙂

  5. looks too tempting..can i have one spoon..

  6. they look awesome Nirmala:) I just love moist brownies:)

  7. Chocolate, caramel, David… I am already sold.

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