Grapes and Pineapple – What a combo?

When my sister said she had made this drink with grapes and pineapple my question was “What a combo?” I know grapes are tart tasting and the pineapple on the tangy side and thought the combi would be totally spoiling. But when she gave me this glass of drink it was absolutely fantastic. Whats there in the combo after all the proportions play a game 😉


She generously gave me the proportions to share it in this blog.


Black grapes (seedless) – 10-15 numbers

Half of a slice of a pineapple

Sugar to taste

How to make?

Blend everything with 1/2 cup of water and strain to get this colorful and refreshing juice. I searched for grape juice recipes in fellow blogs so that I can send it to lovely Sig but think this does not qualify for her MBP as I cannot find a this combo. If anybody could help please let me know 😉


9 comments on “Grapes and Pineapple – What a combo?

  1. Looks lovely…you may not have found a entry for mbp..but I have just now…:D…thanks for the entry and idea!..:)

  2. Yummy, it is a nice combo Nirmala, esp if u used both sweet fruits…good one!

  3. Looks great the drink 🙂 I love both fruits so it doesn’t matter pairing them

  4. I love both fruits….am sure the combo must have tasted lovely.

  5. Gorgeous color. I’m sure the taste must have been amazing! 🙂

  6. very nice refreshing drink …

  7. Wow, that really is a great combo Nirmala… unusual, but I can see how that will work.. 🙂

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