A treasured spoon – for CLICK metal

Yes. Truly this is a treasured spoon. Its a silver spoon with wonderful carvings. Can you guess the age of this ? It would be at least more than 20 years as it was almost 20 years since it came to our house. Amma bought it from a gold smith when I was doing 8th grade. It was a second hand sale but amma was fascinated by the carvings done on it.

Since then she had treasured it for years. She had never used it for serving or feeding anybody but only for doing neivedhyam (offerings to GOD) during festival days. A few years back appa wanted a spoon to offer thulasi theertham with it and amma was more than happy to give it to him. Appa being a very religious person used to perform pooja and abhishekam at home everyday. He used to clean the spoon with soap and scratch pad everyday. One fine day amma discovered due to this regular scratching the carvings in the spoon started wearing out. She immediately got back the spoon from appa and tucked it back in the safety locker.

Nowadays the treasured spoon comes out for our darshan only during festival days that too indulged in a bowl full of payasam!

When Jai and Bee announced this month’s theme for CLICK is metal, one thing that came to my mind is this spoon. Amma was really happy that her treasured thing is going to participate in such a wonderful event. She generously gave it for a polish and it was absolutely lovely looking. I tried my best to capture it properly even though all the loving memories and amma’s attachment towards this little piece is invisible.

But when I was trying to click it, my younger one came and picked it up eagerly and before me getting alert she banged it on the floor. Before grabbing it from her hands I timidly turned towards my amma who was sitting next to me. To my surprise I could find nothing but a glorious smile on her face. She was happy to see her grand daughter playing with her treasured little piece instead of getting furious on seeing it getting banged on the floor! Crazy grand mothers!


17 comments on “A treasured spoon – for CLICK metal

  1. That spoon is simply gorgeous! I love your sweet story, too. Yeah, grandmothers are like that… They let their grandkids get away with anything! 🙂

  2. nice carvings..beautifull click too..

  3. wonderful spoon and a great click.

  4. What a lovely story to read. Great click too. I still wonder what should i click for this month :))

  5. The carving in sliver is so beautiful, definetly a keep treasure. Beautiful click with flowers and leaves reminds the pooja

  6. Wow..your spoon is so preety and click is equally good.

  7. that is a gorgeous spoon.

  8. looks very cute…nice shot..

  9. thats a lovely spoon….

  10. A lovely spoon Nirmala, glad you shared your memories …wonderful CLICK too! 🙂

  11. That spoon is really beautiful. Well CLICKED.

  12. Beautiful spoon…and even more beautiful memories associatd with it.

  13. Beautiful spoon and loved the story how your amm treasure the spoon

  14. Hello. I found my way to your blog from the CLICK gallery. I was mesmerized by your photo. It is lovely. I think one can feel that there is much history and a story behind this spoon–even if it is “invisible” as you say. Good luck to you in the contest. –Ivette (Seattle, WA)

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