Thoodhuvalai keerai thuvattal

Trilobatum or Thoothuvalai keerai is a wonder green. Its great in curing cold and asthma complaints. People suffering from wheezing and cold if could have this regularly can get rid of it and develop good lung strength.

Many of my fellow food blogging friends have written about it but I am adding one more recipe to this list too. We in our backyard have planted this herb and it has grown up nicely in the recent showers. Yesterday we could pluck a plate full of leaves which amma made into a delicious thuvattal.

This picture is taken in our backyard.

Ingredients: Thoothuvalai keerai – packed 1 cup

shallots – 1/2 cup chopped

Garlic – 2 pods chopped

Peanut oil – 2 T spoon

How to make it ?

This keerai has lots of thorns in the stem as well as in the back of the leaves. Use a pair of scissors and cut the thorns from each leaf. As they were just 1 inch max size you don’t need to chop the leaves.

In a thick bottomed skillet heat the oil and when it is hot add the garlic and saute till they turn golden. Now add the shallots and saute till they turn pink. Now goes leaves. Simmer the stove. Saute them till they wilt and get cooked in its own. Do not cover the vessel while the keerai is cooking. Cook in low flame till the keerai is cooked. Serve hot mixed with rice.

They taste really good in hot rice and a very good remedy for cold and cough. Can be fed to children too.


14 comments on “Thoodhuvalai keerai thuvattal

  1. Thanks for the pic of Thooduvali plant. Of late, I have been reading about this keerai in many magazines. Was not able to identify the keerai. Now I know how it looks.

  2. This keerai used to feature in some of the stories that my grandfather used to tell me as a child…..I haven’t seen it before…..maybe I can borrow some seeds from you and grow it myself…what say???

  3. Love the pics! Man, if only I had such a plant in my backyard! Looks wonderful. 🙂

  4. Its been years since I’ve even heard of thoothuvalai. Too bad, people go for antibiotics, when the cure could be in the backyard.

  5. thuvattal looks great…iam surely gonna try this for a difference. adding crushed pepper will also be nice.

  6. I hear it about the godness of this keerai. Looks nice the 1 rst picture 🙂

  7. Oh!!! This is very nice … nirmala. Where will i get this leaves ??

  8. How can we grow this Thoodhuvalai plant .. in Australia…

  9. This keerai is growing in my garden and I came to know about this after seeing the picture in this site. The recipe is also very useful.

  10. if the thorns are very small will it be harmful if cooked

  11. Hi, try taking thoothuvalai fruits(green ones before they turn red) and slit and soak them in buttermilk for two days like more milagai and take them with curd rice like manathakkalai pachai vathal. Or dry and fry like more milakai. You will have a clean throat to sing well and be free of cold and bad throat. you will be surely releived of asthma. Please try and post your feedback,Lalitha

  12. I once had severe throat pain,met the doctor who advised me to get admitted for a tonsils operation. I came home and took thoothuvalai thuvaiayal. Was relieved fully on the next day morning. Same thing works for cold also. No antibiotic is as powerful as thoothuvalai. promise.Lalitha

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