I hate bitter gourd; You love bitter gourd

I have seen many people who love bitter gourd in their “bitterest” form (they can eat steamed slices as caramels). Some can never touch their tongue with that. I love sweets and can eat them any time of the day or night. My sis can eat bajjis anytime given but cannot eat more than a spoonful of halwa. I hate to eat anything that is deep fried especially bajjis.

Enough of this ranting, but why some like some taste why they hate to their heart some other? Siddha medicine defines every body constitution made of Vadham, Pitham and Kapam. Every human body in this world is a blend of these three. All the three has its own properties. Among the three one will be dominating in any single person taken. The person’s entire personality (I mean here the mental makeover too) is based on that. For example a person who has a Vadha dominating constitution will be very arguing even for simple things in life. For them its very nagging if they leave the conversation abruptly. A Pitha dominant person likes more mental work than physical and it goes on and on as the entire medicinal theory revolves around this concept.

But why should I talk about this in this foodie world? Just giving a clue on whats going to come up in the on coming weeks. As my sister who is a Siddha doctor constantly enlightens me with so many such concepts, have promised me to provide a subject and details on food based on body constitution and seasons (but the blogging work has to be mine šŸ˜‰ ). I shall be posting atleast one in a month in this series and it will be called as “I hate bitter gourd You love bitter gourd”.

This series will have posts of food habits, influence of body constitution, seasonal adaptations in food, life style suggestions etc. It will be an open forum for us to discuss all our opinions. Ā Ā 


7 comments on “I hate bitter gourd; You love bitter gourd

  1. was looking forward to this post nirmala ever since u mailed me. will wait eagerly for ur monthy posts šŸ˜€

  2. Great one nirmala…will be looking forward to the series..very sweet of your sis

  3. Interesting…..look forward to your write-ups in this series.

  4. Sounds really interesting. Look forward to read them soon!

  5. A welcome series Nirmala. So kind of you to post it for all of us. Nice of ur sis.

  6. Very interesting, i am looking forward to ur post of the medical theory …. And warm welcome to ur series.

  7. I am so looking forward to this series. If you can, please do post recipes that uses herbs from naatu marunthu kadai.

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