A Tribute to my favorite writer…

Writer Sujatha (S.Rangarajan) is a renowned person in contermporary tamil literature. More about him and his novels here.

I was introduced to his writings through my father at my 6th grade. The short story I read was in the weekly magazine Kumudham and I fell in love with his writing immediately. Till date I have read almost all his novels, short stories and fictions. He is a great writer and his straight forward opnions most of the time will hit our face staright away.

During my late shcool years I used to read his fictions and note down all the jargons used and pester my science teacher for explanation. She would say “where the hell u read these terms from ?” but I was so fascinated.

My CLICK entry for “Liquid comfort” is showing one of his novels “Pirivom Sandhipom” which talks about desi life. Even though its written in 70’s most of the facts remain unchanged till date.

So much crazy about his writings (my entire family) we named our dog as “Jino” his fiction character in his novel “En Iniya Eyendhira”. As mentioned before I started reading his novels at a very young age when I grew up and my father said his detective duos “Ganesh and Vasanth” are actually imaginary characters it was hard for me to take it!

He passed away last week and I still cannot believe that I cannot read his writings any more. Let his soul rest in peace.


5 comments on “A Tribute to my favorite writer…

  1. wonderful tribute to ur fav writer mala. may his soul rest in peace.

  2. Nirmala..even iam his big Fan..i too will miss his writings..his last write up in Ananda vikatan for valentine’s special is still running on my memory..http://amudhathamizh.blogspot.com

  3. I loved his Srirangathu Devadhaigal – such simple and innocent life captured so well. Thanks to Sujatha, science traveled far and wide in Tamil Nadu – he created such an interest for science in the minds of all the readers, used simple words to explain difficult concepts. “Science Fiction” genre existed in thamizh cos of him. Can’t believe he is no more.

  4. I loved his thodar in ananda vikatan it was called Aaa. Did you read it. Was a lovely way of writing. May his soul rest in peace

  5. i had never read any of his novels, my tamil in those days was horrible almost dreaded reading after school. But jino..that distant time and place in which jino lived with his ‘cute human friends’, jino who was a robo too..i had felt at that time “yeah even better its a puppy and a robo cool”. It was a starry experience for me i loved the television serial in DD on that story equally…this gives a unique feel of my parents’ young age..a whole era of people..what they thought,what fascinated them,..beautiful.

    May the fine man’s soul rest in peace..and thanks for the memories..

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