Amma’s carrot juice

Amma’s version of carrot juice is another way she found out to make us eat more carrots. When she makes fresh salad or poriyal out of carrot I will simply refuse to eat saying “I am feeling like a rabbit to much on carrots”.

When I was carrying my second child everyday she used to make a vegetable soup or a juice and somehow this particular version of carrot juice became my favorite throughout my pregnancy time. And even now it’s a family favorite. First time in after coming to Chennai I saw some reddish orange variety of carrots which were juicier and sweeter than the orange ones. Appa got ½ a Kg but again a trip to our native place was planned immediately after. These carrots were lying in the fridge for more than 2 days. But the day we came back I made this juice and emptied the whole lot. They were delicious and soothing after the travel sickness.


For 1 cup of juice:

1 cup of chopped carrots

1 cardomom pod

2 Tablespoon of grated coconut

1 cup of water or tender coconut water

Sugar – as per taste


How to make it ?

Take all the ingredients in a mixie and grind them to smooth. Strain and you will get a cup full of this orange colored cooler. The subtle taste of cardamom takes away the raw smell of carrots and the grated coconut adds a creamy taste to the juice.


2 comments on “Amma’s carrot juice

  1. sounds interesting to add coconut water…will try next..I just run it and drink it!

  2. we have carrot juice often. next time, try adding a small bit of ginger and some apple pieces.

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