My little heaven – CLICK “Liquid Comfort”

When Jai and Bee announced the most awaited theme for the photo event CLICK I was really excited. Yes. It brought back so many comforting memories. The word comfort when flavored with “liquid” is always wonderful as everybody has there own little heaven in their lives.

For some its spending time with dear ones with a piping cup of coffee, for some its gazing the clouds at the backyard with a cold lemonade and the list is endless. Again thinking about these little heavenly moments on earth is really really comforting as spending them.

Before marriage, when I had the freedom of having those heavens whenever I wanted for one, was so easy. I was staying away from home in a hostel. And when our group of friends wanted to move out of the hostel due to the bad quality of the food its total happiness. We four girls took a house and set up our own “home”. Those were the golden days in my life. We used to make hot piping cup of coffee (of course instant coffee) and will gather up in the terrace in the early mornings during weekends. Endless chatting, laughing till we feel hunger for breakfast were moments when we recharged ourselves for the next week.

For me the theme “Liquid comfort” reminded off this. I used to make a mug of hot coffee, pick up my favorite writer’s book, head over to the terrace and lean to the wall in a shady corner. Thats my simple heaven.

After appa got retired he took up the job of making coffee to the entire family in the mornings. In all these years he has mastered this very well. And now my small heaven is a few minutes in the mornings when appa wakes me up with a “just exact hot” coffee (this is a perfect filter coffe). This picture I clicked with appa’s coffee under a shady place in our terrace. To create a “under the tree” effect I threw some flowers here and there. I love this picture more for the wonderful memories it brought me back. I am really thankful to you Jai and Bee !


14 comments on “My little heaven – CLICK “Liquid Comfort”

  1. I sent in some coffee, too.

  2. i adore this pic. thank you.

  3. This is a lovely pic Nirmala, looks totally relaxing!! 🙂

  4. Beautiful photo nirmala …. very nice

  5. I have excellent memories of University and coffee-sharing among friends I shared a kitchen with, so I love this photo, and the story!

  6. The pic is awesome. Very Beautiful. I just love it.

  7. Nirmala..picture looks classic…my very own favorite liquid..coffee!..your feed is working correctly..I came thr sailu’s blog..so its working!

  8. Thanks dears. A special Thanks to Bee for this wonderful oppurtunity. And Thanks a lot Sri for adding my url to Sailu’s bog.

  9. Just a simple cup of coffee but so beautfully presented.

  10. Nimmy, what an amazing picture with your words beautifying it! It just tugs at my heart strings bringing back sweet memories of those golden days. Really beautiful! -“Distance is but a small barrier to friendship, and not even that to memories.”

  11. This photo takes me away. Wish I was there!

  12. What a beautiful picture you have taken Nirmala! I just want to reach out and join your good company under that tree shade. Really a marvelous, soothing image.

  13. OMG! You have been here and I dint even know! This is so ignorant of me! The pic is sooo soothing! Beautiful! I love reading and your write reminded me so much of what I used to do. Have a drink, sit in a shade with slight breeze blowing and a book! Thats heaven for me too! 🙂

  14. That’s a lovely picture….love the flowers that you’ve thrown in.

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